The door locks protect our privacy, keep us safe from break-ins and attacks, protect our assets from theft and robbery, and whatnot! They do so much for us, so we need to take care of them from time to time. There might be some problems with your door lock, and so they need proper maintenance and repair. Here are some common door lock problems and solutions.

Six Common Door Lock Problems and Solutions

  1. Key is Broken
  2. Sometimes your key might break in your lock. It might happen when you are in a rush and put the key in a hurried motion. Or it can happen when you inappropriately put the key in or try to force the key in when it won’t go inside or when you turn it in the wrong direction. 

    • The fix

    Take your time! Slow things down! It’s best practice to use your key in an appropriate motion, slow enough that you don’t break the key. And if, by any chance, it gets broken anyway, contact your local locksmith to pull the broken part out and replace the ruined key with a new key!

  3. Key isn’t Inserting
  4. It might happen that your key won’t insert into the keyhole. It can be caused by trying to put the wrong key in the keyway while carrying a bunch of keys. It’s totally normal to get confused sometimes.

    • The fix

    Make sure your keys are well organized and make sure you are using the right key! You can put number stickers on your keys or paint the number on them and make notes of which number is which key. 

    Sometimes, if it’s a new key, the key might be defective and might not match the cut of your keyhole properly. In that case, ask for a refund or replacement of the key free of charge! And always take the services of a trustworthy, professional and experienced locksmith so that you don’t have to face this problem.

  5. Slow Locks
  6. Slow door locks can also happen as sometimes dirt and grime get deposited in the locks and thus the locks take time to get done.

    • The fix 

    There’s a DIY method for it! Try to insert a cotton swab slowly in a controlled motion to clean the dirt. If it doesn’t work, you have to consider lubricating your lock. You can do this with some good quality lock lubricants like graphite powder or silicone spray.

    Warning! Never use oil to lubricate your locks! Oil and grease can clog the keyhole and can cause further damage. Or you can always call a locksmith to solve the problem.

  7. Lock Seizures
  8. Lock seizures are very likely to happen. If you can insert your keys in the keyway but are not able to turn them, that means the lock is seized up. There are a bunch of reasons behind this happening.

    • The fix

    To be noted! Never try to turn your key forcefully  if this happens! It can majorly damage the lock, and the key can break off making things even worse for you. The fix is like the previous one; try to lubricate it with graphite powder or silicone spray, and if that doesn’t help, give your locksmith a call!

  9. Problems while Latching your Door
  10. Sometimes you might face a problem with latching your door. It happens when the latch bolt is not in perfect alignment with the strike plate of the door jamb.

    • The fix

    You need to call the locksmiths as you can’t fix it on your own. A few small latch adjustments can be required. Or the whole door could be needed to be replaced.

  11. Lock isn’t Working
  12. It is often seen that the bolt is stuck, and the lock isn’t working. It is mostly a mechanical problem.

    • The fix

    This problem is best handled by the pros. The lock needs to be removed to find the source of the problem, but it isn’t worth taking the risk as new locks are expensive. So better call your locksmith and leave it to them!

In brief

Your bolts and screws can often get loose over time, and you might face door lock problems. Sometimes locks get rusty, and you have to replace them. It’s best not to experiment as you may cause more damage. Your knowledge of locks is limited as compared to the professionals.

So, just keep your locksmith in your speed dial and let him take care of the problem. Don’t forget to call your locksmith for common door lock problems and solutions! Stay safe and secure!