If you are looking for simple, decent, and cool painting ideas for the blank wall, then you are at the right place. Nowadays, DIY is in fashion even if it is about designing fashionable clothes or making the wall look stylish. 

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We have pinned some of the trending DIY blank wall painting ideas along with the step by step procedure. So, let’s jump into the details further.  

Latest 6 Ideas for Painting

Painting is the art that everyone can easily adopt in their leisure time. Following are some of the top trending ideas for the blank wall painting:

  1. Let the wall say “hi”
  2. This is the cutest and coolest idea at the same time. You just have to take a Painting board with whatever color you like, white, yellow, black, or anything and write the word hi on that painting board. You must know the contrast colors right! The best of all contrast is yellow and blue, or black and pink. 

    Moreover, you can also write the word that belongs to something important corresponding to your family. Get a cozy family feeling with the help of this painting idea. Even you can gift this painting to your love on valentine’s day.

  3. Let the walls sing!
  4. Have you heard that walls also have ears? Pssst kidding. This is one of the coolest ideas of all. In this, you have to take the painting board, write on the song lyrics that are close to your heart. Even, you can make such paintings to gift your family or colleagues. Gifting the painting with their favorite song lyrics would bring a lot of happiness to their face.

    This painting can be arranged at the tabletop or hanging on the wall. Hey! What about keeping this painting at your bookshelf? Sounds perfect right! 

  5. Add some quotes
  6. The morning that starts with looking at an inspirational quote that motivates you is the best morning ever right! There are different types of people around and so do the feelings. Each feeling has a deep connection with some particular quotes.

    You know your feelings, don’t you? So, make the painting with the quotes that your feelings connect with. Seeing the quotes hanging right in front of you when you wake will motivate you surely.

    Moreover, you can also use this painting for hanging in the dining room by making some healthy quotes. These quote’s painting ideas will suit any room you want.

  7. What about the Pixel painting
  8. Pixel painting looks perfect when painted with the same hue color. You just need to draw equal squares on the painting board. Paint each square with a slightly different tone of color. Let the paint dry. 

    Hence, the professional painting is ready to hang on the wall of the living room or at the entry point. Even, this painting looks good on the blank wall of the office as well. 

  9. The simple but metallic look
  10. If you want the royal look for the wall then this type of painting is the best DIY option for you. You just need to take the two solid contrast colors of your choice. E.g. blue, red, etc. Paint it on the half side. Let the paint dry out. 

    Then paint the other half with the help of metallic paint. Hence, the royal, as well as stylish painting, is ready to hang.

  11. The painting for kid’s room
  12. Now, painting the walls of the kids’ room is also a priority. Let the kid paint some of the crazy, meaningless paintings for their sake. Their phase is full of colorful life, so, set them free to play with any colors of their choice in the painting.

One can give them a design that is easy to make such as circles, polka dots, or stripes. The childish painting is ready to hang in the kid’s room.

Moreover, there are also some of the ideas such as ocean vibe painting or floral painting. You should take expert opinions also for painting your home’s walls at the best price. Hopefully all the above DIY painting ideas for a blank wall will make the artist alive in you.