Keep your car well maintained with these easy DIY maintenance tips. Whether you’re preparing for a car show, road trip or another week of work, these tips and maintenance products make it easy to protect your paint, clean your interior and keep your car running smoothly. Clear some space on your new garage flooring to prepare to use these products.

Top 5 Maintenance Products

Preventative maintenance can be the difference between a quick DIY project and a major repair expense. Maintenance tasks can change, depending on your type of vehicle and driving habits, so it’s important to personalize any maintenance schedule. Consider using these five products to reduce the stress of maintaining your engine, tires, interior, and exterior:

  1. Car Cover
  2. Duster
  3. Jack
  4. Floor mats
  5. Wax

A car cover wraps your vehicle in a protective coat while it’s parked. Whether you have ample garage space or you’re parking on the street, a cover prevents dirt, dust, moisture, and UV rays from fading your paint and wearing out your interior. Covering your vehicle allows you to go longer in between washes, saving you time on your maintenance tasks.

Dusting your car is another maintenance tip that saves you time and hassle. Instead of letting all that dirt and dust build-up on your wax, wipe your car down with a professional duster. This water-free maintenance tip also protects your paint and extends the time between washes.

A low profile billet aluminum jack is the perfect product for serious maintenance tasks. Change your oil, bleed your brake lines or gap a spark plug easily with a high-quality jack. Thanks to the low-profile design, you can even lift up your low-riding classic car.

Reduce the mess inside your vehicle with quality floor mats. Rubber mats hold dirt, mud, and water that collects in your vehicle. Your standard carpet mats may look nice, but they can quickly trap mud and become waterlogged. Unless you enjoy shampooing the carpet, upgrade to rubber mats for convenient maintenance and cleaning.

Finally, a high-quality wax can protect your car from accidental scratches and harmful UV rays. Compare cream waxes, carnauba waxes, and other products to find the option that gives you a convenient, beautiful shine. Waxing your vehicle is an essential maintenance task if you want to retain the stunning color and scratch-free look of your ride.

Product Application Pro Tips

Whether you’re choosing a car cover, wax or jack, it’s essential to choose items based on your vehicle. One-size-fits-all isn’t going to cut it if you want the best maintenance products for your specific vehicle.

Shop for products that are designed for your make and model of vehicle. When choosing waxes, consider the tools you have and your local climate. Set a dusting and wax schedule to keep up on your preventative maintenance. You should wax your vehicle at least every three months, but more often if you notice any wear or experience harsh weather conditions.
Enjoy the latest waxes, jacks, car ramps, and other maintenance products by shopping online. Compare products using customer reviews to enjoy reliable products that make your car maintenance routine simple and effective.

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