Creating a digital art portrait is mind-blowingly cool because it opens up a new portal of creativity for your photographs. It is a modern incarnation of traditional snapshots transforming them into fresh, vibrant, and unique images. Let your business or personal portraits undergo a metamorphosis for a novel, attention-grabbing look.

What is a Digital Art Portrait?

A digital art portrait uses specialized software and skill to reinvent typical, run-of-the-mill portrait photos. By applying visual effects, contrasts, and a range of artistic techniques, a distinctive image is created, which is impossible to capture or create through standard digital photos.

Digital art portraits have no limitations on what can be achieved. And it’s not about making portraits easier. This innovative technique can really transcend expectations when it comes to photographs shared online or in print.

How is it usually created? 

Taking a normal photo, the artist digitally illustrates a new image to accentuate, recolor, or alter the portrait that displays the facial features in a truly unique way. Digital artists get to enjoy the advantages of spontaneity, flexibility, and quicker outputs compared to relative to conventional artists.

There are many variations to choose from when selecting a style for a new digital portrait. You’ll be amazed at how you can diversify your portraits.

Digital Portrait Styles

Just as a skilled painter would take days or even months to craft a painting using several brush techniques, digital artists can achieve similar results in hours. Based on the same painting concepts, digital styles can bring stark contrast, vibrance, deep tones, texture, distortion, or richness to a portrait.

You can choose a digital art portrait to include more details, or simplify or focus on different features.  The possibilities are endless and all it takes is a bit of imagination. These are some of the digital styles you can choose to magically create an unmistakable portrait transformation.


Anime originated in Japan and this type of digital art portrait uses colorful images, varied art techniques with wild, embellished hair, and overstated visual effects.

Realistic Cartoon Digital Portrait

Have you always wanted to be a fantasy figure or your favorite cartoon character? Any portrait can get a significant make-over that maintains recognizable and distinct facial features integrated into a fantasy or cartoon style.


This style is approached with humor. The portrait includes both an exaggeration of features with an oversimplification of other characteristics. Caricatures are most often used in entertainment and political publications.

Watercolor Style

Watercolor art was used as a very early form of painting, which can now be transposed to digital. This style can be recreated giving the traditional watercolor effect to a portrait.

Pencil Style

A digital art portrait can be created to look like a sketcher spent hours creating elaborate, visual expressions. The end result is a portrait that resembles a painting done with a pencil, chalk, or charcoal.

Line Art

A line art style has few or no solid areas, limited colors, and no background. It can be used in isolation or combined with colored imagery to add depth and content.

Oil Painting

If you ever wanted to be an oil painter, here’s your chance. Traditionally, this was a long, involved process of mixing colors and paints on canvas to paint a sitting subject. This effect can be simulated digitally to turn a standard photo into what looks like a real oil painting.

Pop Art

You can turn your latest digital picture into an artistic counter-culture photo from the last century. This style uses recognizable imagery with bright colors and collages.


Retro is a popular style that resembles vintage art from a specific historical era. It incorporates the visual techniques used in that time to create an authentic retro look.


Digital art portraits are becoming highly popular across social media and business network profiles, as well as for print distribution. Technology has enabled nearly every aspect of our life to go digital, so why not portrait painting as well.

This is a great alternative for modernizing wedding or birthday invites, or for active bloggers or business owners that want an eye-catching online presence. Digital art is on the rise and experimenting with the non-conventional is a sure way to stand out from the rest.