Although they share the same objectives i.e. improving the position of your page in search results, SEO on page and off page differ in the way they achieve it. The former one focuses on optimization strategies that are carried out within a web page while the Off-page SEO is related to off-page optimizations. A key element is the links to external pages. In this article, you will better understand what each of these concepts means.

On page SEO

While considering the SEO positioning strategy, you must take into account all the on-page and off-page actions that can help you rank first in the search engine. You may carry out on-page strategies on your website to improve its optimization. The actions are:

  • The optimization of the content of the web must be done thinking of Google and the user.
  • Contemplate that the information you offer is of interest and linkable by other users.
  • Generate friendly URLs that the search engine likes.
  • Take care and review all web links, internal and external.
  • Improve the web loading speed.
  • The usability of the website, with new updates, visits and bounce rate could also influence the ranking.

Off page SEO

Instead, you may consider off-page actions that you need to carry out to increase the presence of your website on the net. Here are all the actions related to it:

  • Link building, a practice in which you must be more and more careful, as the quantity of incoming links no longer prevails when compared to their quality.
  • If your online content is of quality, it will be linked by other users and that will help you, since Google values natural links more often.
  • Take care of your social profiles. If you have decided to create them, you have to keep them updated and keep interacting with users to be a part of them.
  • Among the social profiles you have to take into account that Google+ has a more relevant role in SEO positioning every day. So, you need to feed it with the required content.

SEO off page and Page Rank

Off-page SEO is the implementation of a series of techniques focused on obtaining external links lets your website improve its organic positioning in Google and other search engines. SEO off page manages to improve your organic positioning by raising your score in the Page Rank. It is one of the factors included in Google’s formula or algorithm to determine the position that a website will obtain after being searched by the users. Create a quality blog, update it with the best content and use content aggregators. Harness the power of Viralization on social media by creating communities on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Use honest link building strategies as the idea is to promote the best blogs and websites. In reality, all the effective actions of SEO off page are based on the content quality that offers added value to the users.

SEO on page and website rank

One of the most important branches of SEO positioning is the one that you can work within your own page. SEO on page refers to those factors within a web page that Google takes into account to determine the website position. A good On Page SEO will make search engines send you traffic. 

  • Title tag – Title tags are one of the most important factors for On Page SEO.
  • Meta description – A Meta description is a short paragraph of text that tells search engines and website visitors the content of the page. 
  • Keywords and phrases – Keywords are one of the main features of On Page SEO. It is necessary to consider the domain, the hosting, the URL of pages and articles. 
  • Website performance – On Page SEO is also very important for the performance of the website. 

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There is an intense debate between whether SEO on page or SEO off page is more important, but it is best to forget about fights and take both of them into account. In the end, what you have to do is balance the scales to achieve the best possible score in Google’s algorithm.