Whenever you learn about hosting, you might cross across two similar-sounding terms, i.e., VPN and VPS. Though both these terms seem to be pretty similar they are entirely different from each other. Yes, you read it correctly!! VPN and VPS are two different terms that have nothing in common except one or two. So, if you are confused regarding how both these hosting differ and which one is better for you, then we have got you covered in this article where you will get to know everything about VPN Vs VPS. As a bonus tip, we will also uncover the best option to get cheap Windows VPS at the end!

Let’s start then!

What Is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It creates a secure and private network that extends across the entire network connection. The VPN web hosting services allow you to remain anonymous online while protecting your data that passes over the online network.

When you use a VPN, any data that you transmit over the internet network goes straightaway to the VPN server from your Internet Service Provider. Later, the VPN connects to the internet for you. This entire process diminishes a handful of security risks that you will run while being online. All your data is encrypted under VPN hosting services, so if your data is anyhow intercepted, no one will be able to paraphrase your data.

When Should You Use VPN Hosting?

Have a look at the situations below to get an answer to when and why to use VPN hosting services!

  • To get around and access blocked content online
  • To get secure network and data connections
  • To remain anonymous online
  • To switch from unsecured Wi-Fi networks 

Pros and Cons of VPN Hosting

Below-mentioned are the pros and cons of using VPN Hosting!


  • It keeps you safe and secure online
  • With VPN, you can easily access geo-restricted content
  • It encrypts your data before sending it over the network
  • VPN protects your data


  • A VPN connection can drop frequently
  • Security issues can arise sometimes
  • You may experience slower internet connectivity 
difference between VPN and VPS

What Is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is just a computer system that you generally use at your home. The VPS can run any kind of software just like your PC. It is basically used as a primary solution to host websites and offers a reliable web hosting solution to all users. A VPS is hosted online, and it runs a dedicated operating system that can easily be accessed through a paid subscription.

Under VPS web hosting services, the central server is divided or fragmented into multiple virtual compartments, each of which works independently from the rest of the compartments. Each of these units or compartments acts like a private server for one specific end-user.

When Should You Use VPS Hosting?

Below mentioned are the situations that will call for the need for VPS hosting services!

  • You want flexible server resources
  • You want a custom server setup
  • You have a higher volume of traffic on your website
  • You need excellent performance and quick speed

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

Below-mentioned are the pros and cons of using VPS Hosting!


  • Greater control over the server
  • Easy to scale your server
  • It is cost-effective
  • Greater server customization options are available


  • You can fall into resource allocation problems
  • It is comparatively more expensive

As you have gone through the detailed description of VPN and VPS web hosting services, now it’s time to get an insight into a quick overview of VPN Vs VPS.

VPN Vs VPS: Highlights

If we talk about VPN, then it’s a user-oriented tool that allows the users to browse the web securely and safely by being anonymous, while a VPS hosting service allows the user to host the website on a virtual server environment. However, the only thing that is common between VPN and VPS web hosting services is the virtualization aspect of each of the services.

Both VPN and VPS serve entirely different requirements, but you can rely upon both services as a user. For Instance, if you have got a high traffic volume on your website, then you can use VPS web hosting services to host your website. In contrast, you can use VPN software to access the internet to manage your website and to secure the data that you intend to send over the internet network.

This is how VPN and VPS differ from each other! Now, let’s learn about the best VPS service provider on the internet who serves the best-in-class cheap windows VPS services to all its clients.

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Top Router Hosting Services

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Windows 10 VPS Services

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RDP VPS Services

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Hope you have now understood how VPN and VPS are different from each other! You can now decide which hosting is better for you, and then you can move forward to buy it from the best hosting service provider online. But if you are choosing to buy VPS hosting, then Router Hosting will be a perfect option for you because it offers cheap Windows VPS options and allows you to buy Windows VPS with Bitcoin.