Accessibility and efficiency are at the core of the technological advancements that we have from the progressive innovations brought forth by the use of the internet. More and more services can now be accessed online without the need for us to go to physical establishments to have the services we need to be procured. These are just some of the numerous advantages that we get from the use of the modern technology that we have. Additionally, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of acknowledging the progress that we have, enabling them to trust the new innovations that Science offers. Indeed, science and technology are continuously being envisioned to make our lives easier.

One of the known sectors that have been able to revolutionize its services by capitalizing on the advancements from science and technology is the health sector. As we face a global health crisis, it is undeniable how our lives have been subjected to different hazards and risk factors. The good thing about it is that science has been able to offer counter solutions without compromising our health through the use of Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring strategies.

According to the World Health Organization, Telehealth deals with the delivery of health services to patients from health care providers with distance being a present variable. Telehealth is also known to use Information Communication Technologies to deliver services to patients. Additionally, telehealth covers processes such as diagnosis, treatment, and up to monitoring and evaluation of a person’s well-being.

On the other hand, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) falls under Telehealth. It’s just one of the notable services that Telehealth offers, more specifically, RPM is a type of telehealth that covers a more specific technology in the process of providing health services to patients online. Particularly, RPM accounts for the most advanced methods from information technology.

The best example of an RPM is Demandforce. Demandforce is one of the leading providers of Remote Patient Monitoring services that cater to the health needs of people at a time when we are being restricted to go outside due to the risks that we might be getting from the virus.

Demandforce also offers online booking, where patients get to have their appointment set on the website. In addition, it also is available on mobile, making our lives easier and hassle-free. Imagine the time that you will be saving just by having online consultations instead of going to physical clinics, right? Moreover, Demandforce doesn’t just cover human needs, rather, it is also open to catering to the needs of our pets at home. Of course, their lives also matter.

It is apparent how technology is being able to give proactive solutions at times like this. Before, we were faced with a lot of uncertainties, but now, thanks to the help of Science, it has produced ways on how we can continue with our daily lives without compromising the need for us to have our health checked. Online health providers are indeed helpful at a time of a pandemic.