The Difference Between the Internet and A Network?

| Updated on May 8, 2024

The Internet

The internet is an interconnected network and a global system, which can use an internet provider or a transmission control protocol (TRP) suite that helps to form a link on various types of electrical devices that have the option to run the internet. Printing machines, phones, handhelds, and laptops are one such example.  These devices are spread across the globe and are kind of a network of networks. 

This has all the different types of public, private, business, and governmental networks including the financial too which is scary given that we all have bank accounts but do not worry. Those institutes held public or privately are protected by systems far advanced than we can think or the hackers can think, it is as foolproof as it can be, as I would like to say. The internet is a type of network sometimes called a network of networks because of its reach. 

Many have the division of the internet and sell it including some other services, which are like added benefits on top of the internet connection like cable TV or phone services. For example, one of the top providers in the USA, Mediacom is selling multiple services with just the internet like cable TV, phone, business internet services, and packages of various types for different people and if you want any of these, you can contact Mediacom customer service and enquire about the services offered. 

What is World Wide Web (WWW) 

  • The WWW is the World Wide Web in full form or also known as the web.
  • It is a collection of multiple websites delivered to you over the Internet. 
  • A website contains content, pictures, and other materials that are all interconnected.
  • Webpages are part of WWW and there is no limit to it.
  • Webpages are similar to other types of media, such as newspaper articles or television shows. 
  • Websites or webpages can be interactive in diverse situations.

Feature of the Internet

Some features of the internet are:

  • Internet connects millions of people.
  • It is a global network.
  • The internet is spread out not centralized.
  • The computer over the internet is independent.
  • There are many ways to access it.

Why Do You Need An Internet?

  • To access the web and webpages
  • To work on it such as emails, document transfer, receive files, save them, etc.
  • To connect to the social platform to communicate
  • Multimedia messaging is the past and WhatsApp operates on the internet
  • Small, large, and multinational all need the internet to work and communicate
  • To send and receive money and not stand in long queues for coffee, food, or something as simple as a parking ticket
  • Saves us a lot of time in the day
  • Other needs like shopping, surfing, e-commerce, etc.

A Network

A network happens when two or more connected computers can share a single resource like when sharing a printer or an internet connection. Without the network, the internet cannot be connected unless on the phone which is an advancement that we have come to acknowledge and take advantage of. The network hence is a collection of computer systems that are linked together. This is via both communication devices and the transmission media.

The network thus provides the connectivity between the devices and computer without which connecting to the internet is not possible. However, this is also within a certain range and is authorized to manage the entire system.

Types of Network


  • Local Area Network: is a network that connects many small systems in a closed location such as a single floor of a building under a company/startup etc. 
  • Metropolitan Area Network: A communication made in large areas like large company grounds or large cities or malls.
  • Wide Area Network: A network connecting more than two LANs over a large area or location such as a state or the country. The internet is the largest WAN network spread all over the world

Feature of a Network

Important features of the network:

  • It offers high capacity; many devices and networks can connect to it.
  • Vast coverage options like indoor and outdoor.
  • Internet and web run on it, which hold the power to keep economies up and running.

Why Do You Need A Network?

  • Fast and effective to sharing information
  • The network holds the power to save and protect information under licensed copy.
  • One server and a network connect all devices (as necessary).
  • Easy connection and fast communication are possible.
  • Internet access in large areas through WAN

Conclusion: Key Set of Differences between Both

  • The network connects thousands of computers and devices at one time.
  • The Internet connects millions or billions of computers at one time
  • In the network, only one single entity has the right to administrate or manage it
  • No single entity can control the internet system or access it.
  • Network means to connect data and collaborate with people alike like at the job through the PC’s but the internet is to exchange and disseminate information at all times.
  • The network is an amalgamation of computing systems that are joined together using LAN, WAN, CAN, or HAN. 
  • The Internet is global with no boundaries. It also connects various devices like phones, computers, Internet of things.

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