The thing with technology is that it grows and discovers something every single day. And whatever discoveries and technological advancements happening are impacting all the industries out there, including Fintech. However, if you are into Fintech and wondering what the upcoming fintech app development trends we are going to see in the future, then I am here to help you out.

I have done in-depth research on the latest development trends in the finance sector and put everything in this article. So let’s go ahead and talk about the newest Fintech app development trends.

Personalized Experience

One of the first things that we are heavily noticing these days in the app development sector is a personalized experience. No matter which app development industry you are from, it is highly important that you give your users a personalized experience based on their interests.

By offering a personalized experience to your users, you will be able to provide them with the service that they genuinely want. Instead of the services that you thought your user would like.

For example, if you have an investment app, and then you can offer your users personalized investment updates, news, and information. So the user will get more engaged with the app.


Savings is extremely important, but not all of us are good at it. However, these days certain apps automatically transfer your change into an account for savings. For example, if you have purchased something online for $9.60, then it will charge you $10 and send $0.40 to a savings account. So these small amounts will help you to save more without caring much.


Blockchain is undeniably going to play one of the most central roles in the future for shaping the banking and finance sectors. It is an emerging technology that promises to change how financial transactions happens. Even different banks from all around the globe already started implementing blockchain technology in their system as it is a cheaper money transaction option that works globally without much restrictions and in the most secure way.

Voice Technology

Voice technology is going to be one of the biggest trends in the future. And it is being implemented in the banking sector as well. Even, there are quite a lot of banks that have already adopted this technology, and more banks are going the same route in the upcoming days.

With voice search, users will be able to know their account statements, get any details, and make transactions. However, this technology is yet to become big. By the way, voice technology is being developed, and it’s not far that we will get to see voice-enabled banking apps, websites, and other services.

Mobile Payments

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives, and we continue to enjoy it. And mostly all of us cannot live with mobile devices. With mobile devices, you can perform different tasks. Even, it is being used as a digital wallet.

There are quite a lot of apps that are available in the market that allows you to make quick payments from mobile to mobile. As a result, people can instantly transact money without waiting for 2 to 3 days to complete payment.

Even, there are quite a lot of apps that are offering cashback on transactions to attract customers and shaping the fintech sector.


The last trend is undoubtedly going to be chatbots. These days, most of the apps have a dedicated chatbot that will welcome and guide you out. You can ask them questions, and they will get the search results.

The thing with chatbots is that they can solve customer queries much faster than humans. It looks merely for specific terms in your questions and brings up the suitable answers. Even, most of the banks have implemented chatbot to their systems.

Final Words:

 So that was all for the Fintech app development trends. These are some of the trends that we are seeing in 2020 and get to see shortly as well. In case if there is any question you would want to ask, then do feel free to comment below.