• Decibel Pro App Review | Is This Sound Meter App Legit?

    | Updated on September 25, 2023

    Thousands of people who care for their health use this dB Meter app to fully control noise levels at home and work. Featuring an understandable scale for measuring both indoor and outdoor sound levels, the decibel app can save a user from possible problems with hearing. Keep on reading the Decibel Pro App review to get the app details. 

    What Is a Decibel Pro App and Why Use It?

    A decibel meter app is an exclusive noise dosimeter for mobile devices. It is primarily used for measuring levels of all sounds surrounding you. People can use the dB Meter app under review to ensure that everything is ok with their hearing. The sound level meter provides easy-to-use options to get exact measurement results in decibels.


    The noise meter app interface is clean and intuitive. Easy navigation allows using the app smoothly. On the main menu of dB Meter, the results of noise level calculations are displayed in a big circle located at the center of your device screen. There are three buttons under the circle with a noise level indicator. They can be used for starting the calculation, saving the results, and sharing them. 

    Main Features

    dB Meter app is available for uploading from Google Play for tablets and phones operating on Android. If you are an Apple fan, it is also possible to get this sound dosimeter at the App Store. After a user launches the app, the following features are available: 

    • measuring sound levels at any place
    • ability to save and share results of measurements
    • making a hearing test
    • support for popular types of frequency weighting (dBA, dBB, dBC, dBZ)
    • convenient scales for determining hazardous loudness, etc. 

    Use Cases

    dB Meter can be easily used for many purposes. The app developers emphasize the top cases:

    • hearing loss prevention
    • work and video setup
    • measuring legal voice levels
    • for fun and curiosity 

    How This Sound Level Meter App Works

    dB Meter is the best decibel meter app based on an audio spectrum analyzer. The app shows calculation outcomes in decibels. In the dB Meter app menu, there is a scale that helps find out if loudness in a specific place is risky for health. In particular, such noise levels are displayed:

    • 10 dB – hand watches ticking
    • 30 dB – whisper
    • 50 dB – a usual conversation in a room
    • 85 dB – city traffic noise 
    • 95 dB – jackhammer at the distance of 50 feet
    • 100 dB – motorcycle 
    • 115 dB – concert
    • 140 dB – jet engine, etc. 

    Getting Started with the Decibel Pro App

    A newbie can easily start using the dB Meter app with minimum system requirements. Only 9.5 Mb of internal storage space is necessary. Thus, the following should be done to get started with this sound meter:

    • Open Google Play or the App Store.
    • Search for “dB Meter” by Vlad Polyanskiy. 
    • Click the “Open” button after the app is installed in auto mode.
    • Answer the question of why you need a dB Meter.
    • Purchase the app or use it for free for three days.
    • Now, the app menu opens, and you can start measuring surrounding sound levels. 

    Additionally, you can switch to the “Settings” section to select your preferences. 

    Pros and Cons of This Sound Meter App


    • Easy to install and use
    • Prevents hearing loss
    • Broadly used in many spheres of life
    • Easy navigation and clean interface 
    • Measures all sorts of noise levels ranging from 10 to over 190 dB 
    • Affordable price for a paid subscription 


    • Only a three-days trial period
    • Frequent ads are shown in the free version


    dB Meter is a popular noise dosimeter for daily usage. The iOS and Android apps contain all the necessary options for measuring ambient sound levels at any place. Overall, this top-rated software helps everyone prevent all possible hearing problems in the future. 

    Janvi Panthri
    Senior Writer, Editor
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