March 2020 was the turning point for the planet. The whole world faced the inevitable shift in our lives. The pandemic touched every part of the world and caused the industries to stop functioning. With time, people managed to overcome the consequences of the pandemic crisis but not to the full extent. Great corporations were able to face the pandemic, but a small business during coronavirus got beaten very harshly. The entrepreneurs had to cope with new realia and adjunct their business to the rules that coronavirus dictates. The question of how to help small businesses during coronavirus arose again and again. Lots of small companies decided to go online to somehow save their business. And it was the point of no return. 

How to Save Small Businesses Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic 

The Internet was filled with new websites and servers. New companies appeared on the web pages vastly. While creating new domains and sharing information online, small businesses wondered how to keep data secured. In the following list, you will find useful tricks and pieces of advice to help a small business compete in the online market. 

1. IP Address Security 

The most important thing you can do for your website is to hide your internet protocol (IP) carefully. The Internet Protocol (IP) is the specific address of your domain on the web. It reveals your address and allows others to identify it. If you don’t hide an IP address that hackers may violate your safety. Using VeePN is the only proven way to hide the IP. If you download the app, you can protect the data and prevent various hacking attacks on your small business. There is a free version of the app also available for download. When you’re done with a trial period, you may consider buying the complete VPN version. What are the benefits? 

  • Using a VPN, you can use the encrypted connection to manage all the activities on the internet. With a VPN, your opportunities are endless. 
  • VPN will protect your data from fraudulent activity. There are hackers ready to hack your business website to get personal data from your clients. By using a VPN, you will be sure that the information about your clients is safe. 
  • All the transactions and payments will be secured if you make use of the VPN connection. It will help you to hide your IP address and ensure a safe user experience both for clients and managers. 

2. Securing the Emails Activity 

Emails are another issue for small businesses. It is very easy to hack the system using a fake email. How can you protect your company from being hacked this way? 

  • If you receive a suspicious link, never open it. If you can consult an expert or technician, do it before opening the message. If you open a weird link or attachment, it can damage the whole system and affect the work in general. 
  • If you receive an email from a team member or a colleague, but it still looks weird, you need to verify it. Write to your colleague using another messenger app and ask if the email is written on purpose. 
  • If you’re asked to reveal a password, never do it without permission from upstairs. 

These easy steps may save your company from being hacked. So, try to mind them when receiving emails or messaging with a person from another company. 

3. Safety in the Web 

It is said that domains featuring Coronavirus news are more likely to be hacked on the web. So, if you’re dealing with the COVID-19 news or any other subject-related information, be especially careful these days. 

  • On the Internet, you will find lots of websites trying to benefit from the fear of the COVID-19. Before you cooperate with a new web page or want to order something from a new website, make sure to check if it owns a valid certificate. If the website can’t be easily verified, you should avoid dealing with it. Such domains can benefit from your data and make the situation worse. 
  • It is better not to use public Wi-FI connections. Using public servers while working remotely may violate the company’s personal information. It isn’t safe to behave in this way. 
  • There are lots of useful online extensions to protect your data while surfing online. You need to find an expert IT technician to help you download the relevant extensions to make your online connection safer. 
  • Update the latest versions for your apps, programs, and devices. It is also important to use different applications for anti-virus implementation. It will help to better protect the sensitive data on your computer. 
  • Do it yourself or ask a professional to help you with the backup issues. If the hackers manage to get your data, you should know that you can back up the lost information. 

Let’s Sum it Up 

With the help of the article, you can now answer the question “Why do I need to hide my IP?” and use the tips correctly to protect your data. Cyberattacks were present before the Coronavirus pandemic entered our lives. But these days the situation is getting worse. But you can protect the data and make the connection safe using the tips described in the guide.