Well, if you are not satisfied with the state of Cyberpunk 2077, let’s together remember the games, which are trying to be similar, but to which at the moment does not reach. 

But an important role in the state of the game, in its quality, is played by the monitor. The best monitors can be attributed exactly to Corsair, which will bring maximum pleasure to the gameplay. We suggest you read Сorsair k55 review. And in this article, we will consider the best alternatives to the game Cyberpunk 2077.

Deus Ex series

Speaking of cyberpunk we can’t help but think of the amazing Deus Ex series. In essence, it is the same: cyber-implants, technological, but overall rather dystopian future, dramatic story, varied gameplay, and the possibility of different story endings. Granted, there is no full open world, only some free to explore areas, but they are well designed and rich in various details: there are apartments where you can climb and find out something about the owner or find valuable objects, there are local gangs, as well as helpful NPC. And the stealth mechanics in Deus Ex work much better than in Cyberpunk 2077. 


Want real, spectacular shooting, and really interesting picking with level guns? Then go to Borderlands or Destiny. Minimal dialogue, no attempt to flirt with role-playing, and generally nothing superfluous: you collect guns, shoot enemies, get more powerful guns and equipment, shoot more powerful enemies. And the enemies are interesting enough not to give up even after a hundred hours. Plus, there’s multiplayer, which is what it’s all about.

Watch Dogs series

 If you like the ability to come up with unusual ways to complete missions, but want a large open world (and therefore Deus Ex does not suit), then you can play Watch Dogs – and in any case, especially the first and last, Legion. 

In the first – perfectly detailed city, where there is even a full-fledged subway. A dramatic story (not without its flaws, though), the ability to play stealth and shooting everyone in a row. Your hero is a hacker who can hack into other people’s gadgets, security cameras, traffic lights, drawbridges, electronic locks… In short, everything.

Since the second part of the series began to add various gadgets like drones (both flying and ground), thanks to which sometimes you can perform a mission without moving at all. 

In the third, Legion, the developers have pushed the seemingly unthinkable – provided an opportunity to recruit in general any encountered character in the game. If in 1 and 2 parts there was one character for the whole game, in the third – play for whomever you want. Each character has his own abilities and skills. For example, there is a builder who can freely enter the building, even if there are enemies, there is a medic who treats other heroes, so they quickly return to the system after a serious wound, etc.

The Outer Worlds 

You like the good dialogue and colorful characters, but want a role-playing game with a futuristic setting and mess around with different weapons? Then try The Outer Worlds. Of course, this game also failed to meet the expectations of many on the scale, but it came out quite complete and almost without bugs.

In the end, if Cyberpunk 2077 can be called a role-playing game only with a great stretch, then The Outer World – a full-fledged RPG from the creators of Fallout: New Vegas, where many conflicts can be solved by talking, not shooting. There’s also a lot of ironies inherent in the developers, albeit presented in an overly straightforward way.

Also, aside from the Nintendo Switch version, The Outer Worlds works quite well, including on older consoles. Although it is more playable on the Switch than Cyberpunk 2077 on the PlayStation 4. 

Detroit Become Human

In fact, there’s no particular non-linearity in Cyberpunk 2077. Just like in Deus Ex, the ending there depends on a simple choice in the last mission, and the variability of the dialogue mainly affects only the next lines.

On the other hand, in Detroit Become Human the story will really develop very differently depending on your choice and you will carefully consider every line, because even someone’s life may depend on it. However, this game is not really a game, but an interactive movie, but the variation in Detroit is praised even by those who didn’t like the movie.


If you liked the close-quarters combat in Cyberpunk 2077 (using the same katana, for example), then Insider Game recommends you pay attention to the recently released Ghostrunner. The cyberpunk setting, lots and lots of spectacular parkour (which, by the way, they decided to cut out of Cyberpunk 2077) and the savory combat, where you have to sneak up on enemies from behind and cut them in half.


All of the above games are fully done, work well even on older consoles (the ones they came out on), and overall not particularly buggy. Despite the ruined hopes for a “better open-world”, this game today is quite comfortable to play on a top-end PC, or on PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X/S, except that there are still a lot of bugs, including those that break the passage of the quests. So we are not calling for a complete rejection of this game.

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