The Internet has taken everything online, and looking at the current times it won’t be unwise to say that we can’t be more thankful for having a digitally inclined world because going out seems like a tougher option due to the ongoing pandemic. Name one thing that doesn’t still have a digitalization strategy, you might not find one. The market of applications and software is enormously large. From Google Play Store to Apple App Store, you will get tired of counting the number of applications they store. But not every application that is available on these online stores gains popularity because of the shallow development strategy.

The app should be a reflection of the quality of your business and thus custom software development is the only option. Expert software companies like Beebytesoftwaresolutions will help plan a strategy for promoting the app, test the finished product and offer technical support on an ongoing basis. BeeBytesoftwaresolutions offers multiple development options when it comes to mobile. Customers can choose to target Windows 10 devices, Android, iOS, or all three of them with the latest .NET technologies. Customers targeting all three platforms benefit from shared business logic between each platform decreasing development time and costs, allowing them to build large and feature-rich mobile applications with us.

With in-house software development, businesses can create best-suitable apps that can give the desired outcomes. But, as a matter of fact, it takes time, efforts, dedication, and a lot of capital to process in-house app development. There should be experts working on your app all the time and this will take significant time as well as money. However, with the custom software development outsourcing services, your dream app will be designed in a limited budget within a tight deadline.

In this article, we will discuss how software outsourcing works and why one should always give a shot. Also, you can find the useful tips that can help you throughout the software development; from finding the right team to what to expect, we will be talking about every important aspect of software development outsourcing.

What is Custom Software Outsourcing?

Outsourcing a software development simply means dedicating the entire job of development to an external service provider or vendor that has specialty in respective field. Now, choosing a vendor depends upon the nature of the task scope; you can even hire an individual if you find it more convenient for your project as it is all about the complexity and size of the development project. Outsourcing is a life savior for organizations who always look out for only two factors namely efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Outsourcing in software engineering is flexible as the company can either get the whole software development from the vendor or assign only a specific part of the process to the external company. Moreover, Outsourcing saves you from a lot of stress as you need not to track every bit of progress on your own and your money is not at the stake as the third-party is specialized to provide the required services and it’s their responsibility to deliver the results in exchange of money.

In the last few years, Outsourcing has taken the market by storm and has become a prevalent trend. Stats have revealed that non-tech companies rely mainly on experts outside of their team for software development, whereas the IT companies outsource at least 60% of the development tasks. 

What Are Benefits of Custom Software Development

There are plethora of convincing reasons to outsource software development. IT companies should specially look at the list of top reasons to understand how task delegation to an external body can benefit them.

1. Readily Available Support 

Your app should be regularly updated with the latest features, fixes, and version updates to offer the best user-experience. This is the most effective way to improve business’ efficiency, boost customer loyalty, and accelerate the rate of new revenues. But, companies usually don’t pay much heed to such requirements due to lack of time and expertise. Hence, with the outsourcing companies, you can make all this happen in no matter of time as they instantly improve the resources on client’s requests.

2. Low risk 

Whenever a new software is developed it comes with a risk. When an app is assembled in the in-house setup, the risk of app-failure increases due to the overburden of jobs, therefore when some or all parts of projects are outsourced to the external vendors, the risk rate immensely drops and the company can mitigate the chances of app failure, process stagnation, on-time delivery failure, etc. 

3. Better Results in lesser Time

In the fast paced world, meeting the needs of the market as soon as possible should be the utmost priority of companies. Every new feature like deliveries, take-outs, preventions etc. should be added instantly as per the time’s requirement. For instance, the Covid-19 has forced most of the stores to offer online deliveries and thus the store’s app should offer the service through its app as soon as the need arises. With the software outsourcing you get the on-time feature updates because they have to meet the deadlines prescribed by the client.

4. More Flexibility

This is the major benefit that you get when outsourcing software development. When you don’t have enough members in your team to perform certain tasks, you can get it done from a third-party. For instance, if you lack hands to test the in-house development, you can get a QA team to work for you. Similarly, you can outsource any part of the development and use your assets the way you want. 


In a nutshell, custom software development outsourcing is meant to provide you ease, convenience, and flexibility for the overall development of your company’s software. You get better results in lesser time and the life-time support.