Use Custom Gift Boxes to Make Your Packaging Festive Ready

| Updated on March 27, 2024

Ecommerce is highly driven by looks, and it’s no surprise that sellers already incorporate smart ways to enhance their packaging and allure customers. Honestly, beautiful packaging has worked for brands in improving their impression on customers. So, it’s totally advisable to be a little more thoughtful with your packaging, especially now when the festive season has arrived. Festivals like Christmas are a perfect chance to make the holiday season extra special for your customers and gain their interest. More people would like to show up to businesses that add a surprise element to their product and packaging as soon as the festival arrives. Yes, it’s right, it’s time to give your pretty personalized gifts min custom boxes. 

Tips to Customize Your Packaging

Who says gift boxes need to be square and boring? There is a race amongst retail brands to design the festive packaging in the best way possible, and you can win it with custom packaging. Customers love gifts, especially when they look like they are specially customized for them. Custom gift boxes are adorned with the customer’s name, a beautiful picture, or a short personal message that makes them feel so valuable. Pick tips from the following list of ideas to create fun, festive packaging to make the most of customization. 

Let’s Begin.

Use Christmas colors

Even a kid can figure out the color of Christmas. Christmas trees, lights, and decorations are all associated with green and red colors. And, guess what? These colors are also ideal for Christmas packaging ideas. Using these two colors in Christmas-themed custom gift boxes makes a strong statement about the season. Even if you don’t want to make a significant change to your branding this holiday season, there’s nothing wrong with adding a splash of holiday color to your packaging. You don’t need to change much in your already existing packaging, just a few colors here and there and tada! Your packaging just got Christmassy. 

Opt for Minimalism

The saying “less is more” definitely works in favor of many brands when it comes to packaging. Your festive packaging can also benefit from minimalism. To keep it simple and “wow”, you can skip the Scandinavian prints (reindeers and snowflakes) and opt for elegant fonts and coordinated colors. Stick with neutral and white cardboard to maintain a subtle festive vibe. 

Use a Festive Blend of Gold

If green and red colors sound too typical to you, let us tell you that Christmas is no longer filled with traditional colors. For business owners who want to stand out with their packaging, use the color combination of gold and black. The gold color is associated with luxury, and black adds elegance and simplicity. This combination creates the most premium packaging to date. 

These are some ways you can use personalized gift boxes to enhance your packaging during the festive season. You can take the design inspirations from your competitors and improvise them using the above-mentioned tips. 

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