How Do You Create An AOL Account for Free?

 AOL has improved a lot with time. Now, the platform has become much more sorted and web-oriented. A free AOL account lets you access the webmail using an app or browser. Also, you can access plenty of news and entertainment options. The instant messenger service adds extra stars to its functioning. So, if you want an AOL account for yourself, use the method given below and get a fresh AOL account. For any type of support and guidance contact AOL customer support.

  1. Go to AOL official Website: Open your Web Browser and type
2. Click on “Login/Join”: First, go to the AOL official web page and from the upper right corner.

3. Click on “Create Account”: Click on “Create Account”. The AOL account and Instant messenger both come together.

4. Type your name: First things first, you need to provide your complete name i.e. your first name as well as last name. This name will be used to display your ownership on the account and will be shown to users whom you send an email.

5. Enter a username; It is quite important to use create a username that allows you to access your account. It will appear on your email ID as well as IM id. Mostly, keeping your original name is the best thing to keep as the username. You can create a variation with your original name, numbers, and alphabets. It is important to keep a unique username so that your identity remains different from others.

6. Create a password: the password is meant to protect your account from unauthorized access. So, keeping a fresh and unique password is important to maintain the security of your account. Never use anything easy to guess or random as your password as it increases the chances of hacking attacks. Once you are done typing your password, the strength of your password will be displayed next to the password column. So, make sure it is as strong as possible.

7.  Provide your phone number: To verify your identity, you need to provide your mobile number. It is optional but it’s not advised to skip as it acts as a great recovery option in tough times.

8.  Type DOB: Date of birth is another important aspect that lets you choose the month, year and day of your birth. This is done to make sure that you are older than 13 years.

9. Now Click on “Continue” Button: After entering the required information, click this button to proceed to the next page and complete the sign-up process. 

10.  Now Verify your Phone Number: Next, you are required to verify your ownership of the phone number you have entered. 

11. Enter OTP: In order to verify your phone number, you need to enter the OTP you received on your mobile device.

12. Now click on “Verify” button: Click “Verify” button and you are done. Now, open your AOL account and send a test message.

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