Ansible is one of the most powerful tools for the automation of infrastructure. Previously, for the set up of applications, you had to visit each server individually, and then verify them. This slow service has now upgraded through different tools such as Ansible.

What Do You Know About Ansible?

Being a developer if you have ever set up your UAT then you would definitely have an idea of how difficult it is, and what is the level of effort that is required? After a lot of struggle, your server will get ready for running or installing applications.

Additionally, you have to install Java, Tomcat, and Apache manually in every server. This takes a lot of time. For using Ansible, all you need to do is, create an Ansible playbook, it should be just like a script. Then, it will set up accordingly and perform the installation for you.

For better command, you will definitely require proper Ansible training. Here are top certification courses for Ansible training.

  1. Ansible For Absolute Beginner
  2. It is Hands-On-DevOps. The number one course for all those aspirants who want to start their career in this field. This step will guide you from the beginning and continue step by step. You will be able to write an Ansible playing book, building Ansible inventory files, and so on.

    The most unique facility that they are providing is a hands-on exercise of writing Ansible playing books simply by the browser. You will be introduced to YAML that is required for creating playbooks. Furthermore, it will teach about automation, with Ansible training which is required for web server deployment.  

  3. Mastering Ansible
  4. This is also for beginners. Here you will have a complete guide for configuration management and orchestration with Ansible. If you love project-based learning, this course is for you. You would not need to follow Ansible docs page by page from now onwards. The topic will be ordered for aligning with the growing complexity of applications. 

    It will even guide you on how to do configuration management with Ansible. Also, you will come to know how to create a clean and sound Ansible playbook.

  5. Mastering Ansible Automation
  6. Today the world is moving towards automation. If you also want to step in It automation and desire to learn Ansible then you are in the right direction.

    It is a detailed course that includes the implementation of Ansible playbooks, writing YAML scripts, different variables, and all. They also provide guided exercises, through this you will learn by following them.

    It will not only introduce Ansible further, but they will also teach several ways for using tools and create a solid automation pipeline.

  7. Ansible Advance
  8. Many among us are well aware of Ansible. In this course, you will learn and practice the latest and advanced topics such as Jinja2, Lookups, and many more.

    There are several things that are very different between beginners and this course. Such as the OS that is used for the beginner course was CentOS, meanwhile, this course uses Debian, it will definitely take time to set up in the environment.

  9. Hands-On Ansible
  10. This course starts with orchestration and change management fundamentals. Further, it moves towards the working of Ansible. 

    With the help of this course, you will be able to run ad-hoc commands in your systems. Further, you will be able to create roles by using the hundreds of modules that come with Ansible. The best part is that they have many hands-on demos that can show you how you can implement your automation task.

What Are The Benefits Of Ansible?

  • It is free, which means an open-source tool
  • It is powerful that lets you model in a highly complex IT workflow
  • You will not require any other software in the system of your client
  • It is flexible so you can organize application, doesn’t matter where it’s deployed
  • There will be more space for applications because you don’t need any other software


No doubt Ansible is the best choice for your career. It is the best tool that is highly demanded in the modern world. You should apply for certification as they provide proper training and field experience that will be very beneficial for you. As well as for the betterment of your career you can find the UAT tips and tricks here.