Roofs are undoubtedly the most critical part of buildings and play a vital role in protecting the interiors while maintaining the building value. Given that they are constantly subjected to harsh external conditions, maintenance is essential, especially if you want to prolong the lifespan of your roof. But eventually, as the roof ages and becomes insufficient in handling external elements like harsh weather and debris, you’re going to need a roof replacement. If you’re experiencing any problem with your commercial roof, we recommend consulting a Denver CO roof replacement professional who can establish the root cause of the problem.

Unfortunately, this is always a strange experience for most property owners, given the massive costs of a roof replacement. However, taking care of your commercial roof in time prevents further damage to the underlying structures.

Costs for roof replacements vary based on various factors. This article discusses these factors in detail and helps you as a property owner in making informed decisions. 

Cost of a Commercial Roof Replacement

It’s crucial to estimate the amount you will spend on replacing your commercial roof as a property owner. You’ll thereby be able to select the right materials and allocate funds accordingly. The roofing contractor should also assess the nature of the situation and decide whether the roof needs a typical patch-up or an entire replacement. Here are a few things you should look into before replacing a commercial roof.

Type of the Roofing Material

The slope of the commercial roof mostly determines the kind of material needed. Most commercial buildings are made of flat roofing, which typically requires inexpensive and easy-to-install single-ply roofs (and modified/built-up bitumen for additional layers). More expensive and aesthetic-based materials like shingles and tiles are employed in the case of a sloped roof, making the replacement cost higher. 

The Size of the Roof

The size of the commercial roof is often proportional to the cost of replacement in most cases. The larger the replacement area, the more expensive the process will be. But the cost will vary depending on the type of material, the general condition of the roof, and how much the contractor charges per square foot.

Local Codes and Permits

If the local code limits commercial buildings to a certain quality standard in roofing, you’ll have a limited choice, especially selecting the roofing materials. On the contrary, the need for special permits tends to prolong the construction period, which negatively affects the estimate.

Amount of Damage

The state of the underlying material and the roof’s insulation condition matter during replacements. While some roofs might only require a typical facelift, others will subject the contractor to extensive stripping of the damaged materials, and it’s unlikely to predict how much of these materials are already damaged by water and other elements. In such cases, labor costs and other additional expenses are likely to skyrocket the overall replacement amount.

 Roof Features

Most commercial roofs incorporate additional features like gutter systems, chimneys, skylights, and whirlybirds. The roofing contractor will include the cost of replacing these additional features in the overall replacement amount. Other roofs have additional structures like venting and drainage systems which further complicates the replacement process, as the roofer has to work around them, adding up to the replacement cost. 

Labour Cost Per Square Foot of Replacing a Commercial Roof 

The labor cost per square foot will vary significantly depending on the amount of effort and time the contractor will be spending on your roof. If the underlying features show signs of deterioration or the roof’s insulation needs special attention, more work needs to be done. The contractor also needs to be cautious working under such circumstances to avoid further damage to the roof’s foundation and cases of water infiltration.

While it’s quite easy calculating the general cost per square foot of a commercial roof replacement using online calculators, most companies will charge between $11.0 and $14.0 for single-ply flat roofs and between $12.0 and $15.0 for built-up bituminous. 

The replacement cost can be as high as $4.0 to $8.0 per square foot for more expensive materials like shingles and metals. Thankfully, tiles and shingles are durable roofing materials that can last up to 50 years, which equally proves to be a good investment.

Hire a Professional to Inspect Your Commercial roofing

Problems with roofing vary in scope and type. Whether or not your roof needs to be repaired, a professional commercial roofer will tell and give the best solution possible.