At times, we require the image version of our scanned documents to upload it on a site or to attach it somewhere on the web where only the PNG version is allowed. In such cases, we need a pdf to image converter tool which can do the job in a few clicks.  

One such software that can do the job for you is Tool Rocket PDF converter which is my first choice when it comes to converting files from one extension to another. Hence, there is no need to search for pdf converting websites as Tool Rocket is sufficient for converting pdf to PNG. 

If you haven’t used the tool and are looking forward to exploring more about it, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will be writing down a detailed review of the software and a quick guide on how to convert pdf to png using the Tool Rocket pdf converter. 

So, without wasting much time, let’s jump into the topic!! 

Overview of Tool Rocket PDF Converter 

I have used a lot of PDF converter websites in the past before I came to know about Tool Rocket PDF converter. Those websites were quite complicated to use and uploading personal pdf files to someone else’s server is not a good idea in my opinion. 

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Tool Rocket does not store your pdf files in its server and directly convert them to your desktop. Moreover, it helps in converting pdf to JPG/PNG images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT/HTML text accurately. Therefore, you do not have to search for any other software for converting a pdf file into a different extension.  

You can convert an entire folder in one go, no need to convert each pdf individually. The best thing I like about Tool Rocket is that you can even encrypt or decrypt a pdf file, which usually requires a separate software but not in the case of the Tool Rocket.  

There’s a lot to mention about the Tool Rocket pdf converter and we will be listing down all of its key features below. 

Tool Rocket PDF Converter Features 

1. CAD Converter

Tool Rocket lets you convert CAD of all versions to PDF, image, and DWF versions in just one click. 

2. PDF to Image Converter 

Tool Rocket allows you to convert PDF files to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIF format. You just need to add files or a folder and start the queue.  

3. OCR Text Recognition 

This feature is very helpful for those students who want to copy notes from an image file and add more words to it. With OCR mode, you can convert PDF which is entirely in image format to textual format. 

4. Convert to Various Extensions 

Tool Rocket is not just a PDF converter but a full-fledged file converter that can easily convert word, image, excel, and PPT files to PDF and vice versa. 

5. Free to Use 

You literally do not have to pay a single penny to use this software. Every feature is free to use and there are no limitations to access any of the features.  

6. Encrypt or Decrypt 

Another great feature of this tool is that you can encrypt or decrypt your PDF files. You do not have to download separate tools or add-on to do so, and all of it can be done in Tool Rocket. 

7. Merge Multiple PDF Files 

Do you want to merge more than 2 PDF files into one? If yes, then Tool Rocket will do it for you in a couple of minutes. You can select the PDF files you want to merge and start the queue. Moreover, you can even split PDF files into different files.  

8. Simple UI and UX 

Lastly, the software is very easy to use and does not complicate the process in any way. The user interface of PDF to PNG converter from Tool Rocket is clean and free from ads.  

How to Convert PDF to PNG using Tool Rocket? – Quick Guide 

If you wish to convert a PDF document into an image file to attach it on an online form that only allows you to attach files with PNG extension which has the lossless image quality and is very detailed, then follow this guide. 


  1. Tool Rocket PDF Converter 
  2. PDF files that you wish to convert. 
  • The entire process is pretty easy, but if you haven’t used a PDF converter tool before, this guide will help you out.  
  • The first step is to download the Tool Rocket software from its official website.  
  • Once done, install the software and launch it.  
  • Now select Convert from the PDF option and add the file or an entire folder to convert. 
  • You now have to select the “File to image” option and click on “PNG” in the output image format tab.  
  • That’s it. You can now click on the start button and let the process begin.  
  • Please do not close the application in the middle, it can corrupt the PDF file and the operation won’t be completed then. 

Other than PNG, you can try other formats as well.  

Final Views 

So that’s all the Tool Rocket PDF converter tool can do, and in my opinion, this tool is just mind-blowing and a problem solver. You do not have to search for file converting sites and check which one is working.  

Just download Tool Rocket and convert files individually or in bulk, all for free!!