Unstoppable Creation for Instagram in 2023: Where to Get Content?

If you’re an Instagram content creator – you are the person who always looking for a viral feed. And finally, to make your followers fall in love with your account at first sight.

Curated Feed Monetization on Instagram

Creating curated feed profiles on Instagram is a serious deal. It is about consistency and daily routine. It is about the systematization of one idea, or concept, or even one special aesthetics that will gather a big audience around. Furthermore, it is a really popular way of monetizing Instagram account in 2023. And of course, the art of finding engaging content is an important thing to master for any type of Instagram presence – both for business profiles or influencer’s accounts. 

Many Instagram users in 2023 understand this new trend of content curation and create a real conceptual world in their accounts. This can be a vintage museum, fashion treasury with photos and video material from the 80s, or a profile with Hollywood aesthetics inside. It can be anything – the major idea is to find your audience for the topic you’re choosing for the account. 

And if you found your audience, and mastered the algorithm of its constant growth – the advertisers will come to you and give their money for being mentioned in your feed or stories just to be seen by the right audience. 

How to Boost Your Instagram Content?

So now what do you need to create an Instagram account will that will bring you money or bring you a contract with different advertisers? You need to be brilliant in content creation, to invade the territory of Instagram users, that may be interested in the type of posts you’re offering.

Topic or Concept for Instagram.

Firstly, you need to choose a concept or your main topic. This should be something that is really touching your heart, something that you know well, and even you are a professional in.

 Getting into this topic would be not as easy as it seems! Any concept needs to be opened up inside and researched deeply to be presented in your account well. To be bottomless and full of sides and lines to talk about and show every day on the account. 

You should understand the topic and figure out the concept not just like other followers, and not just like normal users, but as a professional, who can create a real magazine dedicated to a specific subject on Instagram. 

Find Viral Content for Daily Instagram Feed

If you already become this one who can get deeper into the subject of your Instagram account – now it is a time to find as much viral and engaging content on it as you can.

For this, you should systemize a list of media channels that you will use to get content from.

This can be YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. 

Don’t forget that Instagram is full of unseen but engaging content as well. And you can research it to find amazing pieces of content, which are not so viral now but can be so in the future. 

If you will professionally rummage Instagram’s endless treasure box to find something pretty – the audience will love your Instagram account for the uniqueness of the content.

Posting Schedule

Secondly, you need to create a schedule of posting to make it stable and create a consistent account. and to make it stable. This will make your followers feel safe in your account, this will make them feel that they will get their loved content every day (or every three days, or every week – as you decide). But the schedule should be fixed. You should stick to it.  

Better to use a posting service or app for this goal – this would make your work much easier.

Note:  Creating an Instagram account with a curated feed requires a cross-promotion with other accounts and giving credits to accounts for which you used to take content. This is a crucial thing – as the copyright sign (or is analog tagging in a post) is a mandatory point.

Moreover, this simple tagging can help you to promote your page through the pages of big accounts from which you will “steal” the content.  And at the same time, it will help your followers to find and see the accounts of the authors and the creators of the content you’re sharing. 

Tools and Methods for Content Creation

You need to download the content of the highest quality from all social media channels you’ve chosen.  There are several types of downloaders for every social platform – YouTube downloading is made by browser extensions, there are some downloaders for a Facebook feed, the Pinterest has its in-app downloader.  and 

So, what about Instagram?

Any Instagram manager has his Instagram downloader tool that makes life much easier on hand. It allows you to save Instagram content in a few moments. And this plays a major role in the process of creating a content plan. In the modern world and their quality of content plays a crucial role in the perception of the account. So, you need to have a tool, that will download Instagram video, or save any photo in the original quality.

So, making screenshots and screen videos of the content is not helpful for future reuse.  Here is one of the professional downloading tools that can get any content in the same quality it has been uploaded by an author. 

How to Use the Instagram Saving Tool by BigBangram?

This method works for any type of content you want to download from Instagram (photos, videos, IGTV):

  1. Copy the link to the content. You can find it under three dots in the right upper corner of any content interface.
  2. Paste the link into the box of the downloader tool
  3. Click the download button
  4. Choose a folder to save the content

After you have created a list of channels to download content from, after you’ve created a schedule of posting, and managed with content saving – it is time to post. And of course, it is time to find and grow your audience. For this step cross-promotion and hashtag, the strategy will help you. After you’ve reached a 5K number of your followers – you can try to contact advertisers to promote through your page. For a barter or for the minimum cost at the beginning of the way.

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