Many companies inspire us, and we have used or using one of their products in our daily life. You must have always wondered how to make use of your bitcoin in your day to day life. Here I will give you names of some of the big brands who use bitcoin so that the next time you want to use your bitcoin, you know where to use it. 

I am writing this article about the five giant companies that have accepted blockchain technology and bitcoin. But that certainly does not mean that these are the only ones; many other companies are also accepted bitcoin and using blockchain technology. 

List of the 5 Big Companies 

There are many other companies too, but the top 5 companies have been listed here below. 


It is one of the world’s largest logistics management companies in the world. It handles billions of dollars every year. It is now one of the biggest shipping companies, and they have incorporated Blockchain in their companies. They have been using blockchain technology for the past 3-4 years, and they have planned to improve their functionality in the future. Not only that, but they are also helping other industries to get developed even more with this new technology. 

Burger King (Russia) 

Burger King has always been very famous all over the world, and they have launched their own cryptocurrency. They have named it WhopperCoins on the waves platform, and this attempt by Burger King was to make all the customers aware of the bitcoin method, which they predominantly use. Customers can use WhopperCoins to get burgers from Burger King; this also makes the procedure very easy.


A brand that almost everyone in this world is aware of; it is a giant space for cryptocurrency and is trying to make a huge bitcoin revolution. It is from them that slowly, the regular public would get to know about bitcoin. They are trying to be the backbone of the blockchain technology and try to implement it largely as much as possible. IBM has stretched their hands to partner with the brands who are willing to take up this project. 

It is one of the biggest brands in the world, and most people are aware of IBM, and it’s actions. Some other companies follow IBM very closely to be able to beat them in the market. 


Ten companies, including Walmart, have partnered with IBM to create blockchain technology for the food tracking industry. The supply chain is gradually being planned to make it independent of human tracking and make the Blockchain available for it. Through Blockchain, every second of the real-time data will be captured; it will help to track every single food product properly. 

Since 2016, the Ten companies have collaborated with IBM and have been trying to make sample tests and find out how it is working. 


It is the giant biggie in the market of technology; it has embraced blockchain technology since 2013, very proudly. They have stood out in the market and made its own space and name for using the blockchain technology. Since 2014, Microsoft has allowed its customers to buy products using bitcoin, and as per sources, it has been found that Microsoft has seen the highest peak development in the past few years. The peak in their business climbed up after the regulation of blockchain technology and the use of bitcoins. 


If you have some bitcoins in hand and you want to spend them then, what else could be better than spending them or find out Reasons to buy bitcoins? You can reluctantly go through the norms of using bitcoin in the companies mentioned above. It feels great when you can save your fiat currency and get something home just by using bitcoin