During this pandemic, social distancing and working from home have made it difficult for employees to interact with each other physically. Networking and team-building are highly affected in a virtual workplace.

With virtual meetings and conferences as the best option to connect and interact with people, you cannot afford to go wrong when hosting an online event. You can purchase one of the best event planning books in the market to guide you in the process.

Types of Virtual Events

The virtual event platforms market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 16.3 percent from 2020–2030. Depending on your type of event, you can select the best digital event planning software available in the market.

You can host a virtual event for various needs like:

  • An official meeting or a conference
  • A product launch
  • An award show
  • A promotional event
  • An exhibition
  • A job fair
  • A regular team meeting

Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Virtual Meet

Planning an online conference can be an overwhelming job. Here are a few mistakes that you can avoid while planning a virtual event.

Missing a Demo Test 

You may invest in an expensive, cutting-edge virtual meet platform for your event. It is important to train both the front-end and back-end users to utilize the software properly.

It is advisable to conduct a demo test of the digital platform to check various aspects like:

  • Sound and video quality
  • Registration process
  • Attendance tracking system
  • Network connection
  • Virtual tools and features

Using a rehearsal can help you focus on the drawbacks and improve your final presentation.

Choosing the Wrong Platform

Event platforms have built-in features for hybrid and virtual meetings. It is important to select the software that matches your requirement and budget.

For example, a large-scale event like a job fair or exhibition will attract many attendees. You should not select video conferencing software that allows limited audience attendance for such events. Some platforms do not have live-recording tools. 

You should check and compare the features before investing in a digital video platform.

Not Promoting Your Online Event

Event promotion and marketing play a major role in determining the success rate of an online event. The more you invest your time and money in advertising, the more people will join your virtual meet.

It is advisable to use social media platforms to grab attention with compelling content and marketing tools.

Choosing an Inexperienced Speaker

A wrong presenter or a host can spoil your entire virtual event. A well-trained host can deliver the right content to the targeted audience. They are capable of maximizing user engagement in an online event.

If you select an amateur host, they might not be able to answer questions and give proper feedback to the attendees. You should select a magnetic and vibrant speaker who can strike the right chord with the participants.

Providing Complex and Boring Content

Overuse of PowerPoint presentations and other digital content is a common mistake in an online conference.

Not all participants can be technologically advanced or an expert in a topic. Hence, you should present information concisely and crisply.

Online audiences have a short attention span. Hence, engaging and interesting content will keep them glued to their screens.

Neglecting Post-event Feedback

Only positive end-user feedback can guarantee the success of an online show. Most companies lose connection with the audience post the event.

It is essential to survey to find their opinions and suggestions about your digital conference. Analyzing the behavior of participants can help to improvise in future events.

Final Note

Hiring a specialized video production company using some of the best event planning books can help you organize the best virtual event. An expert can guide you to pull off an online forum in a hassle-free manner.

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