Food preparation speed and meals quality are critical criteria that, in a highly competitive environment, are pivotal for the restaurant business profitability. Thus, professional up-to-date and improved equipment of superb quality and excellent operational features for optimizing production processes is an imperative component for successful catering establishment existence and development. And special custom equipment features as a work table with an undershelf, wall mounted metal shelving constructions, or complete shelving kits contribute to the efficient performance and the highest level of convenience for kitchen staff. Without the long-lasting equipment of appropriate dimensions and configurations, the competent organization of workplaces will not be possible. So, let’s take a quick look at the main benefits of one of the essential components that is work tables with undershelves.

Why is a Stainless Steel Table with Extra Shelves Your Indispensable Assistant?

An additional solid shelf that is also made of high-quality stainless steel significantly increases the storage surface of the model, as you can keep containers, products, and tools below the worktop. Such an investment is quite justified due to other no fewer paramount characteristics:

  • Impact-resistance: stainless steel is a high-strength material, so a work table with an undershelf retains its original appearance and functionality for a long time.
  • Simplified maintenance. To clean the surface of the table after processing food, it is enough to wash it with hot water with the addition of a mild cleaning agent and thoroughly rinse it; disinfection should also be carried out periodically; the shelves also need regular care so that dust and dirt do not accumulate; the procedure will not take you much effort, time, or money.
  • More modified options to suit particular commercial needs: you can pick one lower shelf or invest in stainless steel work tables with two undershelves.
  • Withstand corrosion: the steel table can easily cope with moisture and does not rust.
  • Boost storage capacity: lower shelves allow you to rationally organize your workspace.

More Accessories to Keep the Kitchen Clean and Tidy

The variety of choices on the market is impressive. So, to gain even more productivity, you may purchase the following table types:

Backsplash for Better Protection.

Apart from stainless steel work tables with an undershelf, you can consider stainless steel tables with backsplash. It is a superior solution for food-service professionals seeking both quality and affordability at one structure. Thus, you will be able to follow the food safety code and hygiene rules and keep the walls clean and free of stains and germs.

Casters for Mobility.

Such modifications as wheels are designed for easy transportation to avoid lifting heavy construction when cleaning the surrounding.  


Tables with the installed sink will drastically improve the cooking experience due to the quick and hassle-free rinsing process. The variety of available sizes, types, and configurations, number of sinks provides an opportunity to choose the ideal design for the most comfortable use, speeding up all processes, and, as a result, increasing the profit of your business.

Regardless of the option chosen, only a reputable company that sells sturdy constructions, such as AmGoodSupply, can guarantee the reliability, strength, and durability of professional kitchen equipment.