For the last 20 years, I have been wearing contact lenses. I wear them all the time, and they have become a significant part of my life. However, never have I ever tried wearing colored contact lenses. It’s not that I don’t like wearing them or find them gross, but it’s just that – they never enticed me – in the first place.

Nevertheless, that changed last year when I visited my friend’s house to get some work done. We both work at the same company, and the project manager wanted us to work together on a simple project that involved a lot of coding and designing. My friend, Scarlett, is a great artistic designer and loves to draw on her iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil – while I, as you all guessed it – is the coder here. It was a Saturday night afternoon, and I was planning to stay over at her place for the entire night and return the next day.

That was when I was introduced to this color contacts brand named TTDeye. I was indeed amazed to see her wearing a cute green colored contact and was thereby instantly interested to know from where she got hers. She introduced me to TTDeye’s official website and showed me the entire collection that they possess. She got her package just the day before, and she had been wearing them ever since.

The Purchase

This was quite a no-brainer for me because of the overall price TTDeye was charging for the lenses. Since I just wanted to try these colored contacts out, I played safely and chose these TTDeye HD Brownness Colored Contact Lenses, since my eyes are black in color as well. I asked my friend/colleague for suggestions, and she also suggested the same.

Also, since I had a prescription, I had chosen the vision recommended to me by my eye doctor. It was 3.00 Dioptre in the left eye and 3.45 Dioptre in the right eye. However, you’ll also have the option to choose non-prescription lenses as well.

Nevertheless, I placed an order directly via my friend’s account but paid through my own credit card. I was happy to know that the shipping was free, and the package would arrive at my door place within a maximum of ten to twenty days.

The Lenses

I came back from work that day to see my package placed rightly at my doorstep by the DHL guys. The unboxing experience was relatively simple and straightforward with my one pair of lenses packed neatly inside a small rectangular box. Moreover, it came with some added accessories such as a lens case, some tweezers and so on. All these accessories were added to make the wearing experience not only simple for the first-timers but also the experienced ones.

On the lenses themselves, they came without any outer or inner ring, and the brown had a delicate pattern which stimulated my natural black eyes. I was surprised to find out that the lenses had UVA & UVB protection and you can use them easily up to a maximum of 12 months. In the next segment, I will be dissecting the lenses’ review into multiple parts – according to my experience.

While Using Indoors – When I was wearing these lenses indoors, there was no adverse effect on my overall vision. However, I did notice a slight improvement in total contrast, compared to my clear vision lenses that I was already using. 

While Using In Front Of My Computer – The vision was crystal clear with no such visible improvements or reductions. But, if you’re someone who highly benefits from lenses that block the blue light incoming from your desktop or laptop’s display, then you’d find these lenses useful.

While Using Outdoors – Perfect clear vision with no such complaints, whatsoever. Nevertheless, I should say that in direct sunlight, these lenses do prove to be more comfortable than my clear ones. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re tinted or have UV protection – but the improvement was welcoming. In case I wanted the best protection from direct sunlight for my eyes, I’d wear my glasses and a hat instead. Overall, quite an exciting experience, nonetheless. Moreover, I highly appreciate TTDeye for adding the UV protection feature because of how these UV rays from the sun can cause cancer.  

While Driving My Vehicle – Using the lenses inside my car was almost similar to using them indoors. There were no adverse effects on my vision, and I could drive easily. Even during the night-time, there were no problems for me to see the street signs and traffic lights.

The Comfort

As mentioned previously, the comfort was pretty great and was similar to me wearing regular clear contact lenses. At the end of the day, they do get dried up, and my eyes start to feel the edges of the lenses – but that shouldn’t worry anyone because you can use eye drops to moisturise your eyes again. Overall, a thumbs up for me.

The Appearance

These lenses will not be changing the appearance of your eyes radically, but they’re still pretty noticeable for my black eyes though. However, if your eyes have a darker colour shade, then the noticeability factor will go down – which means that they will not be as dramatic as it looks for me. So, your mileage may vary.

The Bottomline

Since this was the first pair of coloured contacts, I have been genuinely impressed with the current technology. Nonetheless, there is a much higher scope for improvement, and I’m sure lens manufacturers are working on it as I write this review.

Coming to the topic of TTDeye and whether they earn my recommendation – well, I’d say yes. The experience has been relatively seamless with nothing to really complain about, and at the end, I was happy with my purchase. I’d definitely buy more from them in the future.