Business owners are always looking for a way to increase their business credibility. As a business owner, have you considered the benefits of having a toll-free fax number for your company? Toll-free numbers increase the credibility of your company and give it a more professional appearance. According to the most recent data, clients are more likely to trust businesses that have a dedicated toll-free number on their business cards.

The easiest way to get a toll-free fax number is through online faxing services like CocoFax.

What is a Toll-Free Fax Number and How Does It Work?

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As defined by the Federal Communications Commission, a toll-free number is a “telephone number having separate three-digit codes that may be called from landlines without incurring any charges to the person who places the call.” Among the three-digit codes that can be used at the beginning of toll-free numbers are the numbers 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844. Any fax number that begins with one of these digits can be regarded as a toll-free fax number, as can any phone number that begins with one of these digits.

Why is a Fax Number Important for Your Business?


Toll-free numbers are not just beneficial for large organizations; they are also beneficial for businesses of all sizes, particularly those who are just getting started. Having a toll-free fax number lends credibility to your organization and improves the image of your company to customers. There’s no way anyone would know that you were working out of your basement.


Sending and receiving papers using fax services is a faster and more convenient option to sending and receiving documents by postal mail or other delivery methods. Items that require a signature can be handled quickly and conveniently with the use of fax service. When you provide or receive information on a project or product or service, you or the recipient will receive a printed copy of critical information. 

Techniques for Increasing Sales

Some businesses utilize fax broadcasting to broaden their prospect pool and boost their revenues. These low-cost initiatives are particularly beneficial if your target market is more likely to get fax than an email. faxes are less expensive than emails. The faxes are transmitted to a pre-programmed list of phone numbers at the same time. 

Broadcast faxes are frequently used to provide discounts or to announce sales to a specific database of recipients. Faxes are particularly effective for marketing products that are constantly changing, such as real estate, daily rate adjustments, and tradeshow reminders, among others. Sending newsletters and press announcements about your company’s products and services through fax is another option.


In contrast to on-premises infrastructures, virtual fax providers such as CocoFax provide readily scalable solutions that may be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.

Scalable solutions are always available to suit your needs, whether your company is growing and you need to create new fax lines, add numerous users, or transmit more (or less) faxes than you anticipated.

What is the Procedure for Obtaining a Toll-Free Fax Number?

Each CocoFax paid plan includes a free fax number, and if you are going to receive a dedicated fax number, you have the option to acquire a toll-free fax number instead of a random number for no additional cost. Follow these easy steps in your web browser to do this:

  • Sign up for a free CocoFax account by visiting the CocoFax website. Or go directly to the Start Faxing page.
  • Select your country of choice.
  • For the number type, pick “Toll=Free”
  • Confirm your randomly given fax number or choose a custom fax number that you create yourself.
  • Ensure that the procedure is completed.

If you require assistance in obtaining a toll-free number using your Android or iOS smartphone, please visit the CocoFax Help Center for assistance.


There are a variety of reasons why you might be contemplating using an online fax service. 

The use of online faxing is a safe and secure method of communication for you and your company. Apart from the ease and efficiency, it also has the added advantage of increasing your business credibility.

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