Salesforce has been the world’s No. 1 CRM, and it is mostly because of the control it provides in Salesforce administrators’ hands. More people are switching to Salesforce for the ease to tailor the system as per their specific needs for the process to fulfill.

Salesforce offers different tools for automating our organizational, routine business processes like: 

  • Permissions
  • Process Creator
  • Workflow
  • Flow Builder

Each salesforce tool comes with its unique characteristics, benefits, and drawbacks, ensuring that an admin faces possibly the best-fit tool for each situation. 

We will take a brief look at the features and have a salesforce automation tools comparison to understand which one we should use.


ACCELQ is an official partner of Salesforce ISV, so ACCELQ is compatible with Salesforce and launches it with rigorous automation testing. Eventually, the client gets smooth Salesforce upgrades.

ACCELQ Salesforce content package speeds up the automation of the Salesforce test by 3x. The only thing for you to do is put your validations or drive them directly from the UI in simple language. 

In your Salesforce implementations, the automation adapts to regular configuration changes and manages Salesforce-specific elements seamlessly.


  • With zero technical complexities, ACCELQ uses ready-to-use test automation assets. 
  • You get a 70 percent reduced test automation effort with three times quicker test cycles and substantially lower quality costs.

2. Functionize

Functionize is the best-in-class automation platform for Salesforce testing. It stands out against other options for its machine learning based features. Functionize tests are simple to create, scalably maintained, and powerful to execute in the Functionize Test Cloud. 

Regression testing for Salesforce is streamlined due to the self-healing nature of Functionize tests. No need to waste hours fixing broken tests. Instead, invest your time savings into automating more tests. Functionize’s low-code approach allows anyone to build tests, including your business specialists in Sales and Marketing. This solution is able to test anything that runs in the browser, so you can comfortably test your entire Salesforce ecosystem of integrations. “

3. Salesflare

Salesflare is an easy and robust CRM that automates data to make more sales and create better customer relationships. A CRM tool that is simple, visual, and easy-to-use.

Salesflare is built to be easy to understand and robust. In one quick summary, get all the possibilities and know which one needs attention today. 

Salesflare intelligently brings the options, due to action to the surface, and illustrates the knowledge users need to take action. If not now, one may decide to follow up later or delegate someone else the opportunity.


  • Built to function efficiently, from any computer, anywhere, anytime
  • Full automation of communication and company information.

4. Apex 

Finally, we come to the only method that needs development skills on this list. Apex is a special programming language for Salesforce and can practically do everything on the platform. 

For different purposes, most complicated implementations would require Apex vocabulary. Even if you don’t belong to a group of developers, know why Apex is used and what it can do.


  • Apex is here to save the day if declarative tools cannot do the job.
  • It can scale exceptionally well, so Apex can handle any large implementations where limits are usually a problem.

5. Workflow

Workflow is used to automate simple procedures that can be described with a single if/then statement, meaning that if we meet such conditions, the subsequent acts will be executed automatically if they are not executed otherwise.


  • Workflow can perform many actions like:
  1. Fielding update 
  2. Emailing alert, 
  3. Sending an outbound message and
  4. Creating a task.
  • Using an email prototype, it sends automatic emails.

6. Salesboom CRM

The Salesboom CRM program enables users to manage their company so they can make it even more marketable and maintain a high-quality customer relationship for better company ventures. 

One of the most user-friendly applications is Salesboom, where you can easily access everything you need.


  • Effective social CRM
  • Offers superior business intelligence & analytics


Each tool for automation has its specific positives and negatives. Salesforce automation tools comparison has not got a win situation for any of the tools. It relies on customer requirements. 

This article describes all the features and actions supported in each automation tool; go through it and decide which tool is appropriate for your company.