How to Choose the Right Earring for Your Face Type?

Just like a wrong makeup or outfit can make you look chaotic and messy; wearing a wrong pair of earrings that don’t match your face type can spoil your look. Since earrings are a great way to perk up your look, you really need to focus on choosing the one that suits you. Every face type is meant for a different earring type. So let us find out what earring types are best suited for what kind of face. 

1. Earrings for a Round Shaped Face

If you have wide cheekbones with no tapering at the chin, then you are the one with a round face. A rounded face sports softness and gentle curves. With such a face type, long earrings such as chandeliers or danglers look perfect. They make your face appear elongated whereas the rounded ones mix with your face, thereby adding to your face’s roundness. Therefore, round face types wearing gold stud earrings should be avoided at all costs. 

2. Earrings for an Oval Shaped Face

An oval-shaped face has a forehead as wide as the chin. However, if your face is oval-shaped, then you are quite fortunate as you can wear any type of earrings. Be it studs, danglers, or chandeliers, all kinds of sets look flattering on your face. Thus, you can experiment and get creative with different styles. The oval face is versatile and can easily adapt to any earring type. 

3. Earrings for a Square Shaped Face

If your cheeks, jaws, and forehead feature the same size, then likely you have a square-shaped face. With square-shaped face geometrical earrings pair amazingly. The hoop earrings especially create a flattering effect. However, it is important to choose the right accessories to draw attention to your face type. But make sure you avoid square earrings.  

4. Earrings for Heart Shaped Face

If your forehead is wider than your cheeks and your chin is tapered, then you have a heart-shaped face. 

To highlight this interesting face look, consider wearing chandelier or teardrop earrings. The wider base of these earrings counterbalances the lower narrow portion of your face. A lot of fashionistas have been seen rocking their heart-shaped face with a similar sort of earrings. 

5. Earrings for a Long Thin Face

For a long and thin face, it is advisable to opt for earrings that emphasize the width of your face. Ideally, the studs, short dangles, medium to large hoops and clustered earrings are suited to such face types.

6. Earrings for a Diamond Shaped Face

On a diamond-shaped face, cheekbones are wider than the chin and forehead. For this face type, curvy earrings such as hoops or teardrop earrings help highlight your facial aesthetics. A lot of renowned celebrities have a diamond-shaped face.
Since you now know what face type you have, scroll through the jewelry website and check out for earrings that work best for you. Please hurry up and add your favorite earrings to the cart before they go out of stock.

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