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    | Updated on November 17, 2022

    The digital age has an impact on business and peer-to-peer interactions. Thanks to the Internet and modern video platforms, it’s possible to assemble a creative team from around the world for a work project.  Employers can save money on space rental, and employees can join in from home, the car, or a vacation spot. The most important step in preparing such an effective online business space is to choose a quality communication platform, one of the best of which is iMind.

    iMind: The Main Thing in a Nutshell

    iMind constantly gets the highest ratings from users and critics. The platform offers online video and business chats thanks to the two main components: iMind conference and iMind chat for business. If you want to make your remote chatting comfortable and confidential and keep every employee involved in the work process during an online meeting, iMind is an ideal option for your project.

    Why Do Users and Businesses Choose iMind?

    Would you like to see how the perfect video platform works?  Without unnecessary advertising, with quality pictures and sound, with additional creative features that facilitate communication?  If yes, then iMind might be the answer to your question. This platform is constantly becoming more and more popular because:

    • It takes care of its users’ data security: instead of a permanent password, each user has to enter a one-time password, which comes in an e-mail before logging in.
    • You can save memory on your device because you do not need to download it to use the platform. You can log in in a browser on both IOS and Android.
    • Attendees can save their time by joining a meeting quickly and easily.  You don’t have to register on the platform or enter any sensitive information before logging in to the video conference. Just click on the invitation link and join the online meeting in seconds.
    • Unique technology further protects the safety of conference participants. If you have an important business meeting, you don’t have to worry about leaking information because the platform won’t let extra people through. Before a new participant joins a video conference, the system takes a picture of him or her and sends it to the presenter.  Only you decide whether a new participant can be left out of the meeting.
    • The peculiarity of this platform is the possibility to record conferences without any limits. Every iMind user, regardless of his/her pricing plan, can record video meetings. Due to this advantage, it is convenient to hold important business communications in iMind, the ideas from which can be saved for the future.

    These are not all the advantages of the iMind platform that constantly attracts new participants, businessmen, and employees of different companies.  There is a lot to say about all the features, but it is better to see it in your own experience. This system confirms that high-quality and comfortable online communication is possible!

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