The bigger, the better is true when it comes to the bed sizes. Super king beds are the second biggest beds known to man till now. Isn’t it amazing that they have the dimensions of 6ft by 6ft? These beds are big enough to share it with your family and pets. That was about bed now come to the super king beddings. It’s not easy to find the super king beddings as you do for ordinary beds. Bedding sets include the pillows, duvet, top sheet, blanket, comforter, and the throw. The best cheap mattress will definitely compliment your super king beddings.

Among all the elements duvets are the heaviest and the thickest, imagine how difficult it would be washing the super king duvets? Then why not go for the super king duvet covers? As they will cover your duvets entirely and prevent the dirt, stains, and the moisture from getting to the duvets. Which helps in keeping the duvets fresh and clean as new. So it is a good idea to shop for the super king duvet covers right away.

If you are going to buy the super king duvet covers, read our guide below to find the best and high-quality duvet cover for your bed. Let’s begin…

Size of the super king duvet cover

Size is the most important thing to consider when buying the duvet cover because a wrong size duvet cover will create a messy look. A large-sized duvet cover will tend to create a lousy look, and your duvet will latterly be playing inside the cover. Similarly, a small-sized duvet cover will tend to roll the duvet inside it. So make sure to have the right measurement/dimensions before buying the duvet cover. The dimensions for the super king size duvet covers are 120×86 inches2.

Filling of the duvet covers

Duvet covers are the flat bags filled with some padding material. So it is necessary to take the padding into account. There are various materials used for the padding, which include duck or goose feathers, down, wool, cotton, microfibers, and hollow fibers. These filling materials can be classified as natural and synthetic materials having different functionalities. 

If you are hypoallergenic, we recommend you go for the synthetic fillings like microfibers and the hollow fibers. They are economical and anti-allergenic. High-quality fillings offer more thermal insulation and warmth. 

Tog rating

Be careful of the tog rating of your rating. Tog rating is defined as the ability of the duvet to provide thermal insulation. A higher tog rating refers to the warmer duvet, so be careful when buying the duvet covers. Do not buy an extra warm duvet cover for a high tog rating duvet because it will tend to warm the duvet unnecessarily, which will make you sweaty and uncomfortable at night.

Fabric material

Choosing the right material is also essential. You can determine the quality of the fabric material by thread count. Thread count is the number of threads that are woven in a square inch of the fabric, it is usually written on the packing. To count it yourself, you can count the number of fibers woven widthwise and lengthwise and then add them together to find out the thread ratio. 

A higher thread count refers to the smoother, softer, and the durable fabric material. So try to buy the duvet cover that has a high thread count. 


Pay attention to the ply, it refers to the number of threads used at a time to weave the fabric. There come single-ply, double-ply, and triple-ply covers. Among these, single-ply covers are the softest. Do not confuse between the thread count and the ply. Consider both of these factors strictly. A double-ply duvet cover with a thread count of 400 will offer you the same features as that of a single-ply duvet cover with a thread count of 200. So think wisely before buying.

Design and color scheme

Buy a matching duvet cover. The color scheme and the design of the duvet cover should complement the bedding set. It will create a complementary and adorable look.  

Now that you have learned a lot about the super king duvet covers, you are all set to buy them from any online store (Imperial rooms) or retailers.