Working online gets a little tedious from time to time. We are all prone to distractions, given the glut of information we are continually bombarded with. Emails texts, sports scores, celebrity gossip, movies, fashion, travel and tourism, online shopping, the list of distracting elements goes on ad nauseam. Fortunately, there are plenty of nifty online productivity-enhancing tools you can use to stay on point, keep track of time, and get the job done. Let’s take a look!

Boost Your Productivity with These 7 Online Resources

1. Google Docs

The name says it all. Google Documents allows for safe, effortless online collaboration between group members. It’s a powerful productivity-enhancing tool that enables you and your colleagues to work as a team, wherever you are located in the world. With Google Docs, it’s really easy to invite team members to collaborate and see real-time updates on documents being edited. This allows for enhanced productivity, reduced time spent transferring files back and forth, and no need for lengthy and confusing email threads. All you need is a stable Internet connection and all your files will update instantly, in real-time, in the cloud.

2. BlockSite Productivity App

BlockSite is a top-tier stay-focused app that allows you to center your attention, energy, and resources on the tasks at hand. With effective time management, you can easily avoid distractions and be more productive. It has been proven that people are far more effective when they’re focusing on singular tasks, not multitasking. BlockSite allows you to stay in the zone. With the redirect function available through BlockSite, every time you navigate away from a worksheet you will be redirected back to the respective URL to continue working, or simply reminded that work needs to be done.

3. Calendar 

Calendar is an example of a powerful time management tool, using artificial intelligence technology. It allows you to schedule work-related activities, including meetings bookings, and organizing-related functions in real-time. This feature-rich online productivity tool allows for quick and easy sharing with team members, automatic invitations and scheduling, full integration with Outlook, Google Calendar, and other online project management tools, and powerful analytics to highlight how your time is being spent every day. The calendar really is an indispensable productivity tool.

4. Microsoft To Do

A highly-rated productivity tool that allows you to stay on top of all work-related activities. Designed by the Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft To-Do can perform myriad functions including creating task lists, notetaking, shopping lists, record collections, and reminders et al. The daily planning activities make it much easier to stay focused, with a feature known as ‘My Day’. The inclusion of a powerful task manager with color-coded listings is easy to work with and allows file attachments up to 25 MB for any task. Further, Microsoft To-Do is fully integrated with Microsoft 365, and ideal for business, study, and home-based work projects.

5. Magnet 

Magnet is for people who work with many browser tabs open at the same time. Indeed, this represents many of us who are scrambling to get as much information disseminated as quickly as possible. Multi-tabbing is what many folks do, and Magnet effectively organizes your workspace to make you more productive in the process. You can drag windows and make them fit your desired screen display. You can customize shortcuts through the menu bar, and drag corners for quarters, and drag sides for halves. On wide monitors, you can even split your tabs into six equal components. This way, you can instantly see all the pages on your screen in a neat workspace-organized format.

6. StayFocused

StayFocused is a Chrome-based extension that does exactly what its namesake suggests – it helps you to stay focused. This powerful application is fully customizable to your preferences, meaning that you can choose which websites you want to block and how long you wish to block them. By focusing on the work and avoiding the time-wasting websites, this extension can help you to stay focused.


This premium service is all about the sounds that are designed to make you more productive by focusing your mental acuity on the tasks at hand. Dubbed Music for the Brain, creates unique sounds that help you to focus. The patented technology is geared to elicit powerful neural phase-locking, thereby removing distractions, and creating the right mindset for work. This app for increasing productivity has stellar reviews from a huge client base, with music categories including atmospheric, beach, cinematic, chimes & bowls, classical, drone, et al.