The operation of websites and the use of internet tools for running online businesses or for any other purpose have become a frequent and a common practice in this era. Content theft, plagiarism, and infringement of the online code of conduct are some malpractices that have been a thorn in the flesh for the genuine content creators and web developers. 

Such practices know no bounds, and people of all echelons in the society have resorted to these practices to accomplish their desired specific goals. Be it a school student or a college-goer who hustles to complete their academic coursework, or whether it be a web developer, who needs novel content and ideas now and then, everyone turns their heads to the unfathomable source of knowledge, the internet. 

While browsing for the specific content online, when one stumbles upon a website whose content is quite engrossing and up-to the mark, the person may feel the need to copy the supported and the relevant images right away and lighten his/her burden and workload. To avert such occurrences, the role of watermarks and the concept of watermarking photos came to the cognizance of the netizens.

In simple terms, watermarking refers to the practice of applying a transparent image or a piece of text to the very image that has been posted on the relevant website, to protect the rights of the image,  ensure its privacy and also preclude the copying of such images by online content thieves. Such stratagems facilitate the hassle-free uploading of images on one’s website without him worrying about the security of the images. 

Well, wrapping up the introductory portion, let’s throw some light upon some of the best and unmatched photo watermarking applications or websites available in the market.

  2. This website tops the list of the best watermarking websites currently in play. It stands out among all other websites due to the copiousness of features and options that visual watermark  offers to its users. Some of them are described as follows: 

    • No internet connection is required for this website to function. It asks for direct access to the hard drive of your device (desktop/laptop/PC). 
    • The time consumed for watermarking the photos is extremely less as compared to those done over the internet. For instance, it takes just 40 seconds to add text to the images captured by a DSLR camera. 
    • Privacy ensured- As this website functions offline, there are no chances of your images being leaked or the server being hacked by the internet miscreants. This implies that your image files are always safe and secure, as the application does not store your images on its server.
    • Be it Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, this application keeps your work going without any snag.

    There is a sundry of options available while you are under the process of watermarking your photos. You can choose from a range of 260 fonts or may use your desirable fonts. Also, you can add text to an image, or can insert a logo, or a combination of both.

  4. This website stands second in this list. It lags behind visual watermark only in some aspects, like the user interface, graphic designs, etc. Apart from those aspects, Make watermark is an excellent amalgamation of simplicity and efficiency. Its salient features are as follows:

    • A wide variety of fonts is offered to the users. The font styles may go up to the count of 900. Every user has a different taste of fonts and font styles, and this website respects the requirement. 
    • Photos can be imported to this website not only from the hard drive of the device which you are accessing but also from Google Drive and Dropbox. This makes it convenient for the user to watermark his photos even if they are not within his reach.
    • The watermarks applied to the photo are transparent and would not steal or degrade the magnificence of your image. Further changes in the watermark can be made by altering the opacity if needed.

    Once you are done watermarking the images, they can easily be exported to the preferred device, with the original photo still exists.  

  5. iWatermark pro
  6. This is another inexpensive and pocket-friendly watermarking application that is compatible with all the operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It ensures to put a full stop to all the unauthorized access and downloading of your hard work. Some salient features of this application are described below-

    • It is a very small and a minuscule amount that you pay for securing your content online.
    • This watermarking application is compatible with image editors like Lightroom, ACDsee, Adobe Photoshop and also with a broad range of digital cameras and consoles. Hence, the conversion of the image into the desired file format is not a major issue.
    • The watermarking feature offers two kinds of watermarks, visible and invisible. This option applies to both photos and videos.

    The batch processing feature is active in this application, with the help of which the same watermarks with the same settings can be applied to multiple images in a single take.

  7. uMark
  8. This application is best suited for users who do not wish to spend shekels on watermarking applications. A free version of this application is available, but one needs to pay $29 to get access to the full version. This app grants watermarking options for both photos and videos and it is very useful for Your Facebook cover photo and videos. Its salient features are described below:

    • It possesses powerful batch processing options where multiple images can be watermarked with a simple, single click. 
    • It contains all the conventional watermarking features, so one would not feel an empty void or the need for a different application while watermarking the images.

    Apart from a wide variety of watermarking features, this application also lets the users watermark their images with QR codes or different geometrical shapes. This feature has still not been enabled in any other application.

  9. TSR Watermark image

This app comes with a trial version and its full version costs $29.95. It only exhibits compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems. Its salient features are as follows-

  • It is exceptionally designed and developed for professional photographers. So, photographers with a previous editing experience would not have a hard time getting used to this application.
  • Apart from the basic image watermarking options, it exhibits a special feature, which is the 3D watermark feature. With the help of the 3D watermark feature, stylish watermarks can be created, with well-defined borders, crosses and special effects, which deliver a magnificent appearance to the watermark, without hampering the image quality.

It is compatible with almost all the professional DSLR cameras such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, etc. and images captured from them can be watermarked using meta-data. It offers more than 200 font styles and other pro options in the paid version.


We hope that the information provided to you above was satisfactory and informative. Choose your watermarking tool wisely and judiciously as per your needs and requirements.