It is no secret that even the best VPNs can slow down the connection speed. That said, a good VPN service will not only secure your connection but improve your in-game ping results. The better VPNs for gaming will stabilize unreliable connections as compared to your current service provider and can actually improve your online performance. 

Here is a list of the best VPNs of 2020 which have been tested to find out the impact on your gaming experience, in order to determine the best for you.

Express VPN

Maximum Devices: 5

If you need the best VPN for gaming, then privacy would have to take a back seat and speed will have to be your priority. Thanks to powerful privacy features and fast connections with over 3000 servers in 94 countries and simple apps for all devices, this VPN is a winner by a long way.

As individuals seek a range of entertainment in spare time, it is essential to access all the streaming services you need. Besides, as mobile gaming increases in popularity all over the world, having the best gaming VPN becomes important. So to avoid Internet service provider (ISP) throttling and lag, Express VPN is best suited for the job.

Nord VPN

Maximum Devices: 6

At less than $3.71 per month for a two-year plan, with 5700 servers and 59 countries, NordVPN is a great deal. It delivers the highest download speeds, with reference to an untouched connection, and the best upload speed. It is an excellent VPN that is invested in good money to improve its safety features using the latest WireGuard technology. With a higher server count than even ExpressVPN, only one big player CyberGhost is ahead of that with a number of diverse locations.


Maximum Devices: Unlimited

Suppose you are looking for an affordable VPN provider. In that case, Surfshark is among the few to offer this facility at $2.49 for the multi-year plan, though it lacks the number of servers as compared to the other leading brands, still, with over 60 countries it has most of the world covered. Additionally, one account can be used over multiple devices, and that also puts a squeeze on the rivals. If you are new to VPNs but a pro at gaming, Surfshark will please you with its easy installation and easy to use interface.


Maximum Devices: Unlimited

With 1500+ servers over 75 service locations and with excellent download speeds all-round, IPVanish goes the extra mile to allow you to sort by ping time. The usage features allow one to hunt primarily for servers that are tailored for gaming, especially if you are planning your gaming on a desktop PC. As a welcome bonus, it throws in 250GB of cloud storage for free.

Hotspot Shield

Maximum Devices: 5

If you want to splurge at more than twice the speed, then the full version of Hotspot Shield works very well as a gaming VPN. This is because it uses its Catapult Hydra protocol to attain such incredible levels. The drawback is that your clients are limited to Hotspots clients only and not those over the Open on. Apart from a few logging issues with bandwidth privacy being shared with Hotspot to log in, you won’t find another VPN in the market to match this fastest gaming VPN around.

The million-dollar question which needs to be answered is if a VPN is ideal for gaming? Frankly, a lot depends on the VPN service you choose. A poor service will not be secure and slow down the connection despite adding extra software. So go for a reliable VPN which will keep your data encrypted, get around ISP throttling and actually speed up gaming.