Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP, is a technology that supports voice communications over the internet. VoIP allows you to make calls via Skype, Facebook, and other popular social networks. There are many advantages to using VoIP services compared to using traditional voice calls over phone lines. For instance, VoIP can save your business up to 50% of call costs and business text messaging.

Best Voip Services

Choosing the right VoIP service provider can be taxing, especially if you don’t have sufficient knowledge of the industry. Ensure you conduct ample research to get the best VoIP provider in the market. This will ensure that you get the best services for your business.

Here are the 7 Top VoIP Services:

1. Call Routing

VoIP enables incoming calls to ring to all available extensions until someone can respond. Using call routing, you should be able to configure calls to reach multiple destinations. This way, no important call goes unanswered. You can also be able to direct phone calls to the right agents depending on the customer type, staff availability, or purpose. This way, you will not connect the customer to the wrong agent.


2. Unified Communication

This allows your employees to communicate over their devices of choice including mobile, desktop, or phone. VoIP can integrate with different products such as Microsoft Outlook or Office365. Employees are also able to use their mobile devices while away from the office and receive voicemails on email.

3. Call Recording and Rating

Whether you need to record calls for enhancing staff training and coaching or for setting quality standards, VoIP makes it possible. Going through recorded calls can improve business performance and customer service for your business.

4. Conferencing

This VoIP feature allows you to add more than 3 people on a call. It enhances collaboration and teamwork when you need to consult other employees.  It is also cost-effective and saves you conferencing costs.

5. Auto Attendance

This is a feature that transfers calls to an extension without going through a receptionist. It allows callers to choose from a menu, which extension they want and then transfers calls to the next available person in the appropriate department. It also allows you to create a custom greeting for your clients and is cost-effective since having a traditional phone operator is quite costly once you include hourly wages, benefits, and other overhead costs for office space, supplies, and other materials.

6. Voicemail to Email Transcription

This feature transcribes your voicemail to text and sends it to your email. This allows you to get your messages even when you are in a noisy place, in another meeting, or on another call.

7. Find Me/Follow Me

These are call forwarding features that allow you to list a number of contacts where you can be found before your message is pushed to voicemail. Find me lets you receive calls from anywhere while follow me lets clients find you across multiple numbers.

VoIP has numerous features that will help grow your business. Since not all providers offer all these features, choosing a VoIP provider that offers what your business needs is crucial.

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