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Best Cheap Video Editing Software (2023)

Did you know that 85% of marketers believe that video is an effective way to get attention of audience and promote your products? If you still do not use this type of content, it is time you changed your mind. Videos are a great tool to create engaging material for businesses, bloggers, and influencers.

Read on to learn about the top 10 best video editing software now!

1. Shotcut

Shotcut is a top-rated application with hundreds of positive reviews. This is a free, open-source video editing tool for Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD.

Users really love the “History” feature. It logs all the user’s actions similarly to how it is done in Adobe Photoshop. This lets you return to any stage of the project in an instant. Apart from that, Shotcut includes most of the essential tools of a good video editor.


  • Audio tuning (volume, scopes, filters, fading, pitch compensation, and more);
  • Video effects (compositing, deinterlacing, transitions, scopes, filters, etc.);
  • Editing features (trimming, cropping, 3-point editing, multitrack timeline, keyframes, and others).

Speaking of the advantages, the most prominent ones are free access to all features and cross-platform availability. Shotcut is also portable, meaning it can be installed on a USB drive and used on computers without an additional installation. Its resources are good enough for everyday videos, school, university, and amateur projects.

Some of the app’s disadvantages are its intimidating interface and the fact that it is unsuitable for professional editing. Also, users report that sometimes the app tends to freeze and crash. Make sure you save your work regularly!

Basically, Shotcut is a good choice for people who have already had some experience with video editing software of different difficulty levels. Its interface isn’t the simplest; it is more of something between complicated and straightforward. 

2. Vimeo Create

Vimeo Create is a beginner-friendly video editor that is available on Windows and macOS through a browser. It has got very high ratings on all review sites. The pricing starts at $7 per month when billed annually.

If you’ve previously worked with Adobe Premiere Pro, don’t set your expectations too high. This is a web-based tool for creating videos, so it simply cannot have Adobe’s power. However, the disadvantage turns into a significant advantage when the lack of robust features bring a user-intuitive design.


  • Templates for all kinds of videos;
  • Content created with the help of AI;
  • Various styles and different music to choose from;
  • Basic editing features.

Basically, Vimeo Create is what you need for making engaging content for your projects or social media in no time. There are multiple templates for all needs with a possibility to tune the style, music, add text, and apply different effects.

You might want to read our article about creating explainer videos. This is a popular content format used by businesses and bloggers to grow engagement.

Because it is a web-application, it lacks many editing features of other powerful software. This doesn’t affect the quality of the app due to it being designed for making videos quickly. Also, some users mention that there are several bugs when creating and sharing content.

Vimeo Create is an excellent choice for fast and straightforward editing, although it won’t be of any use if you’re seeking professional software.

3. Fastreel

Fastreel is an online video creation and editing tool designed for both beginning and advanced users. The app has different pricing plans. You may create an unlimited number of videos with watermarks. Getting rid of the watermark for a single project will cost $5,95, while monthly access costs $9,95 and provides several advanced features.

If you’ve previously used Movavi Video Editor, you’ll have no trouble dealing with this web-application. It is designed by the same company and has a very similar interface that is simple and intuitive.


  • Slideshows;
  • Video creation, cropping, cutting, and editing;
  • Templates for intros, outros, ads, congratulations, etc.;
  • Split-screen videos;
  • Subtitles and text;
  • Watermark creation;
  • Basic audio editing.

This is one of the most accessible online applications because you don’t have to spend time editing everything manually. You choose the tool, upload the file, and get the result. It is a good choice when you need to create a video urgently or have to use just one separate tool without manual correction.

Because of its simplicity, Fastreel cannot be used for professional editing. The best way to apply this service is for short ads, social media posts, education, family videos, and others. Templates are available per each of the mentioned options.

Mostly, the people who can benefit from using Fastreel are bloggers, social media specialists, advertisers, students, and amateurs. For professional editing, you’ll need something else.


VSDC is a non-linear video editor with different exciting tools. It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS. There is a free version without watermarks and a $19,99 Pro edition with additional functionality.

Although the interface might seem scary for an inexperienced user, the application is actually suitable for beginning and intermediate editors. Getting accustomed to the layout takes some time, but it is definitely worth the effort.


  • Visual and audio effects;
  • Blending models and filters;
  • Masking;
  • Motion tracking;
  • 4K and HD support;
  • Diagram and chart creation;
  • Video stabilization, and more!

While the free version is more amateur-like, the Pro edition brings in professional-level video editing. If you’re looking for cheap video editing software, VSDC is the choice. Both versions are good enough as long as you know what is required.

However, users immensely dislike the limitation of the free version. It is expected from a free product, but people are still dissatisfied by this fact.

VSDC will be a good choice for YouTube creators, amateur editors, popular brands, and anyone who wants to make high-quality content.

5. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is a professional tool that is good enough even for making movies. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. There are two versions: a free option and the Studio one with advanced features for $295.

This is the best video making software for filmmakers, editors, colorists, YouTube creators, and anyone interested in professional content creation. Surprisingly, the application also stands out for being beginner-friendly. Of course, DaVinci Resolve seems to be a monster compared to elementary apps, but it is an excellent option for all kinds of users.


  • Motion blur;
  • Facial recognition;
  • Object removal;
  • Auto-color matching and HDR color grading;
  • Support for massive audio projects with 1000+ tracks;
  • Precision audio trimming;
  • Automatic transient detection for beats, words, and sound effects.

DaVinci Resolve has hundreds of features and can show off as an app that could satisfy the most scrupulous editor.

The application is comprehensive and brings a pack of powerful tools. It has regular updates for new codecs and features, meaning that the software is developing rapidly. Apart from that, there is a free version that has quite enough functionality.

However, many people find the $295 price to be huge. Users also mention that it is sometimes difficult to get used to the interface because it is different from competitors’ ones. There also is no built-in integration for third-party software.

6. PowerDirector 365

PowerDirector 365 is a flexible home video editor for all needs. It is only available on Windows 10, 8, and 7. There also are mobile versions for Android and iOS. Price tariffs start at $19,99 per month. 

The application is often referred to as the best affordable alternative to Adobe. Its toolset is powerful enough for any project, including school, university, work, and personal areas.


  • Intuitive motion tracking, mask creation;
  • LUT color presets;
  • Striking transitions and particle effects;
  • Theme templates;
  • Access to Shutterstock videos, images, and audio;
  • Multiple formats supported.

Many users consider this application to be perfect for beginners. Cyberlink’s learning centre helps a lot when getting acquainted with new features. Although this is a subscription product, you still get constant upgrades and many design packs.

Despite the good stuff, you might face some issues with activating the product. The process confuses many customers, and you may need assistance from the Support team to solve the problem.

Overall, this video editing software is an excellent choice for amateur content makers. The simple design and variety of features sure pay off with the apps price, even though there are cheaper options.

7. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a near-pro level video editing app for serious amateurs. The software is designed solely for Windows. Prices start at $59,95, and there is a free 30-day trial.

A lot can be said about Pinnacle Studio, especially the Ultimate version. It brings a ton of valuable features for all types of videos.


  • Basic video editing and transitions;
  • Shape and panel masks;
  • Motion tracking;
  • 360-degree VR video;
  • Multi-cam editing;
  • Stop motion;
  • Keyframing, color grading, filters, and more!

There isn’t much VR editing software, so this feature already makes Pinnacle Studio stand out. Besides, it has got a clear interface and fast rendering performance.

However, many users complain that Pinnacle Studio 23+ has got a ton of bugs. The app crashes & freezes, and there are no responses from the customer support team.

Using this software, make sure you save regularly to avoid losing all your progress because of a silly bug. It is a good choice for advanced amateur editing, but it is better to wait for all the issues to be removed.

8. VideoPad

VideoPad is an application with a simple interface that helps to create top-notch 3D videos. The solution is available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Speaking of the pricing, the Home Edition costs $39,95, while the Master’s Edition costs $69,95.

With this easy video editing software, you get the following 


  • Over 50 visual effects and transitions;
  • 3D and 360 video editing;
  • Quality tools for audio editing;
  • Video templates;
  • Stabilization;
  • Subtitles;
  • Burn to disc, upload to YouTube, or export the file – use the result as needed.

Customers appreciate the features for sound amplification, simple interface, and the fact that this is a cost-effective solution. This is an affordable video maker.

The number of visual effects isn’t enough to make the software 100% professional. Users want to see more features. Also, there were complaints about the editing results “being too heavy”.

If you are an individual or professional editor, business or blogger, then this is your choice. The app brings enough features for the creation of quality content.

9. Lightworks

Lightworks provides cutting-edge tools for media production. It’s available ok Windows, Mac, and Linux. A subscription model is used where customers pay $24,99 per month. There is an alternative option with lifetime access that costs an arm and leg – $437,99.

Currently, the app supports integrations with YouTube, Boris FX, Blackmagic Fusion, and Boris Graffiti. It’s good to know that you can use additional tools as well. The app is similar to Adobe Premiere, but it’s a bit simpler.


  • Video routing;
  • Color correction and blend modes;
  • Working with chromakeys;
  • Multi-cam editing;
  • Fusion compositor;
  • Applying color LUTs, and more!

Mainly, customers like that the software is intuitive; it works on all computers and provides excellent tools for those interested in videography. 

The only disadvantages are the lack of audio editing resources. Adding them would be a significant contribution to the software’s tool case.

Lightworks is recommended for all kinds of businesses, amateur editors, students, and anyone with beginner to intermediate skills.

10. Magisto

Magisto is the last program on the list, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the worst. The app is available on Android, iOS, and through a web browser for computers. 

Pricing starts at $4,99 per month for the “Premium” version, although it is best if you start right away with the “Professional” version for $9,99 per month. It brings more features. The most expensive one is the “Business” package that costs $34,99 monthly and has all the available tools.


  • Full-HD stock videos and images;
  • Video length up to 10 minutes;
  • Different editing styles;
  • Customizable brand colors and fonts;
  • Video analytics;
  • Various editing features;
  • Up to 5TB cloud storage.

Generally, this is a fast and easy app to create short videos for advertisements, social media, and blogs. The app is user-friendly and does not require any essential editing knowledge.

The only real disadvantage is the necessity of a good Internet connection. Without it, the app won’t work correctly. Additionally, Magisto isn’t designed for professional content; it more of a tool for fast creation.

Such software is perfect for advertisers, bloggers, and everyone related to social media.


Each editor is designed for its own purpose. Whether you want to create a movie or a short as for social media, you’ll need different apps. Make sure your budget is equivalent to your requirements of the video creation software.

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