In business, animated videos are very useful to get the message across in a simple, quick, brief, and clear way. Animated videos are therefore used to present the company, to promote its offers, to explain procedures to customers, to give training, …

In order to make the production of this kind of video accessible to everyone, especially people who may not have talent in graphic design, many easy-to-use tools have been created to make animated videos.

In this article, you will discover the top 6 tools for making animated videos and their common advantages. Then, we will tell you about the specifics of each of these tools, including their positive and negative points.

The 6 Best Tools to Make Animated Videos

In general, three criteria are taken into account when comparing tools for creating animated videos, and these are :

Ease of use;

The plurality of options and templates offered;

The ease of exporting and integrating videos.

It is, therefore based on these criteria that we can list the 6 best tools to create animated videos here:

  • Animaker 
  • Explee
  • PowToon
  • Vyond
  • Toonly
  • Biteable

The Common Advantages of These 6 Best Tools to Make Animated Videos

The most significant common advantage of the tools, as mentioned above, is their ease of use. Indeed, to create an animated video on any of these tools, simply “drag and drop” to compile the images and put them in the desired chronological order. Then, customization depends on your needs and creativity. With a variety of predefined background templates and customization features, it only takes a few clicks to bring your video to life. So even if you don’t have a basic understanding of motion design, you can create animated videos on your own.

Plus, it saves your money by not having to hire someone else to do it and also gives you some graphic design experience.

Finally, thanks to these tools, you are sure to get the result you expect, because you are the one who :

choose the photos;

create the dialogs;

decide which animations to apply, etc.

The positive and negative points of these 6 best tools to make animated videos

This section will allow you to know the positive and negative points of each of the 6 tools mentioned above. You will then be able to use these characteristics as a basis for choosing the tool that suits you best.


Animaker’s greatest asset is its extensive library. Indeed, it offers not only the standard functions found in all the other tools for making animated videos, but also special functions such as the Multimove and its configurable camera. And it also has the advantage of offering several language options for its users.

On the other hand, the negative points of Animaker are the fact that it can only be exported to Youtube and the fact that it does not allow you to create a video longer than 2 minutes.


Of all the tools that allow you to create animated videos, Explee is probably the one that offers the most animation options. In addition to its pre-programmed animations, Explee allows its users to customize the animations and make them interactive.

The only drawback of Explee is the trial version, because when you use it, all videos will have the logo of this tool as a watermark, and you won’t be able to do anything to remove this logo. So you will have to buy the tool to use it.


When we talk about PowToon, we always talk about the fact that it is an excellent alternative to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. That’s because this tool makes it possible to present dynamic content, whether it’s animated video or slides. Besides, PowToon is an efficient tool for web marketers because it allows you to integrate videos directly on all types of social networks.

As a weakness, you will note that PowToon is limited in terms of features such as characters and background music.


For Vyond, its most interesting asset is its functionality to create and customize characters. On Vyond, a studio is specially dedicated for this purpose, and this allows you to create exactly the character you have imagined.

However, Vyond’s weak point is that its camera options are limited.


What differentiates Toonly from other tools for making animated videos is that it allows you to easily export videos, whether to your disk or social networks, for low loading time. Toonly is also advantageous because of its relatively low prices: 39$ for standard options and 69$ for advanced options.

However, Toonly has a disadvantage regarding its animations, because they are not customizable. The user is therefore limited to existing templates.


Among the 6 tools to make animated videos that we talk about in this article, Biteable is definitely the easiest to use. Comparative reviews from the 2020s confirm this. On this tool, all the features are ready to use, and even an amateur can come up with a video worthy of a professional.

Biteable’s weak point, however, is that its backgrounds offer little choice, and yet you can’t import your background.

To sum up, these 6 tools we have listed each have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they all perform well when it comes to creating animated videos. So don’t hesitate to try their trial versions to learn how to use them, and also, you can make your own comparison of their features and features.

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