• Healthy Smoothies and Salad Ideas for Summer

    | Updated on October 4, 2023
    Smoothies and Salads For Summer

    The best part about summer, other than soaking up the sun by the pool or beach, is getting fresh and sweet summer fruits and veggies. Those sweet juicy red strawberries, succulent plums, watermelon to cool you off, the list is endless. An abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables for your smoothies and salads, therefore let’s find out the new combinations you can try out for this summer.

    Some Smoothies to Try Out

    Remember playing around with the variety being offered during this season is key, this is what makes it fun and interesting to enjoy for you and your family.

    1. Berry and Grape Protein Smoothie

    Berries and some frozen grapes are a perfect combination for a sunny day. And when these two nutrient-dense fruits are mixed, you immediately get an antioxidant-rich smoothie. Blended grapes easily release vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium, all health goodness we need for our morning smoothie.

    2. Orange Smoothie Dessert

    How about having some dessert for breakfast with an ice-cream inspired drink, now to make it a healthy drink make use of calcium-fortified orange juice, and when you add two scoops of vanilla ice-cream, this makes it a tasty creamy drink for breakfast.

    3. Some Peach And Coconut In A Smoothie

    A shortlist of ingredients that are full of flavor. It is a paleo-friendly smoothie that is immediately packed with several nutrients. Monosaturated fats come from the full-fat coconut; this helps keep your heart healthy. As for the peaches they offer zinc, iron, copper, and folate. Don’t be fooled by the shortlist of ingredients used here.

    Some Salad Ideas For The Summer

    How about some salads you will showcase in the next family cookout? We have picked a few that are perfect for summer.

    1. Some Loaded Cauliflower Salad

    A perfect low cab potato salad loaded with lots of cheese and bacon, we have to agree there is no other way to enjoy cauliflower salad. A simple salad that you can toss-up in a few minutes, the only thing you might find hard is breaking down the cauliflower – and that would take at most 5 minutes.

    2. Some Carrot and Raisin in a Bowl

    It has both a little spice here and a little sweetness there, and a homemade salad dressing to leave your guests licking their fingers. Sweet carrots finely chopped, throw in some raisins and your favorite nuts, go ahead and garnish with some fresh herb. Don’t forget to drizzle the salad dressing to make it all come together.

    3. Some Corn Salad

    No family cookout is complete without some corn salad, just as there is no barbeque complete without some burgers. And for summer, this is the perfect salad. So get your salad bowl out, throw in some corn, cherry tomatoes, diced onions, some feta, basil, drizzle olive oil, and season with salt and pepper. Your salad bowl is ready in minutes, each item complimenting each other, making your tongue dance in joy.


    These are just a few smoothies and salads to enjoy during the summer; the list is endless on the number of combos you can try. And thanks to the season veggies and fruits are nice and sweet, thus, doesn’t require much effort from you to make your salad or smoothies taste good.

    Miles Evans
    Fitness Expert & Nutrition Coach
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