Search Engine Optimization techniques have a lot of benefits that drive traffic to your site. It is very important to learn about these tips and tricks rather than just writing content on your website. Search Engine Optimization has changed over the last few years, so it is always good to know the latest Off-page and on-page SEO techniques of 2021 that are disclosed by Digital marketing institute in Delhi

On many online platforms, you may find different techniques related to SEO that would tell you to write quality content, put in more effort, etc. Though these tips are really important, Digital marketing course in Dwarka is here to provide you with some finest tips and tricks that will help you to increase organic traffic on your site both instantly and in the long run. 

1. Extracting Keywords from Social Media Platforms 

It is not a new SEO technique to drive traffic. The latest SEO technique of 2023 is to extract some trending keywords out of social media platforms that will help you to drive traffic to your website. Let us learn how can discover some keywords on Reddit. 

Reddit has a huge user base and an engaged audience. If you are running a blog that is focused on a particular niche, say memes. You may easily find some really good subreddits about his niche. You can also directly search for your niche on the subreddit. Some threads will appear on your screen. You need to find some recurring words that will contribute to your keywords on Reddit.

 If people are searching for these words on Reddit, there is a high possibility that people are googling this term too. In this way, you can find some really unique keywords from other social media platforms too. Trending hashtags on Instagram or Facebook would also make great keywords. This SEO technique can be used in 2023 to drive organic traffic to your page. 

2. Enhancing User Experience

Have you ever tried opening a site and due to the slow response have you ever closed it and tried to search for another one? Probably yes, every one of us may have faced this issue. Therefore it becomes very important to enhance the experience of the user.

 Sometimes users may click on your site link and may close it in few seconds due to the loading time, content, or interface. It becomes very important to design your website in a friendly manner so that the bounce rate of your site is reduced. Another major thing that affects the user experience is writing short paragraphs. 

The web page should not look like a messed up place as it gives the user a poor experience. Having proper subheadings, bullet points, images, etc. may also enhance the user experience. Site speed should also be kept in mind as it is a ranking factor on search engines like Google.  This SEO technique in 2023 may bring traffic and build a loyal audience for your website. 

3. Voice Search

Voice search is not a new feature, but it is a good SEO technique to integrate this feature into your sites. Smart speakers and devices that perform voice searches have now found a place in the daily routine of some people. 

Voice searches are often different from text searches and the site should be optimized accordingly. For instance, on text search someone may write “political news 2023” but the same person may make a voice-based search as “What are some of the political news of 2023”. For optimizing your website according to voice search you may use long-tail keywords that are more than 3-4 words long. 

4. Mobile Site

Whether it be buying something online from any e-commerce platform or reading a blog or post about something interesting, most of us use a mobile phone to carry out these operations. Almost every one of us has a smartphone now. 

Mobiles have become an important and integrated part of our lives. It is an SEO technique to have a good mobile version of your site as it is equally important of having a good desktop version. To drive traffic and attract an audience your site should have a smooth mobile version too.

5. Writing Detailed and structured content

People prefer the internet over textbooks nowadays as they can get direct answers to their queries. It is very important to have structured content on your platform to get more site visits. The content that you upload on your site should not only be detailed, but it is always better to timely update your content according to the intentions of the user.

 According to a study it was found that long posts were capable of driving more traffic than short posts which also helps in ranking your website. The content should also be written in short paragraphs that the user may find easy to read. Creating content through which information can be extracted easily is always of great help. Writing format is always a great SEO technique, that will remain to be very useful in 2023, to drive traffic. 

6. YouTube SEO

YouTube is a great platform with around 2 billion active users. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine that every individual is familiar with.

 If you want to earn money through your YouTube video it is very important to get your video in the top search results. The best SEO technique is to put a trending and attractive title to your video that will improve the click-through rate. You can also start your title with a trending keyword. 

Another important factor that affects the ranking is a description of your video. As the Youtube bots cannot crawl the videos, they will crawl through the description to match the search words. Having custom thumbnails on the videos is also a good technique to drive traffic to your videos. 

Users also find it easy if the content is structured in the form of a playlist. It is always important and the best SEO technique 2023 to enhance the experience of the user.

7. Technical SEO

Technical SEO is not a new SEO technique, but it is the one that beginners overlook. Some factors that influence the amount of traffic on your website are:

  • HTTPS: HTTPS has been a ranking factor since 2014. Users get a warning if they are on a site that is not loaded on HTTPS. HTTPS also makes your platform secure and trustworthy.
  • AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages started as a backed-up google initiative. AMP pages have a different URL and are smoother than the original site. Enabling AMP is one of the best SEO techniques of 2023.
  • Crawling Software: If you are a professional in this field, you can invest in crawling software. Crawling software not only tells you errors in your page but also points out broken titles, flawed pages, etc.
  • Fixing Errors: If your site displays errors like “Site not found”, it is always good to fix these errors. This also enhances the experience of the user and drives organic traffic to your website.

8. Boosting Local Information

Most of the searches on Google are related to local information. People often try to search for information about local foods, shops, addresses, etc. It is a new SEO technique for 2023 to optimize your local landing pages.

It is better to target keywords with local landing pages. You can also use free tools like Google My business and can also build directory listing from local aggregators. Adding extra information like opening hours, location, etc. is always a great way to boost traffic to your website. 

9. Measure Your Performance

When it comes to opting for new SEO techniques, you may not always achieve your desired goal. Though every latest SEO technique may bring some traffic to your site, some might not work as much as you think. You can always make a detailed report of the pages with the highest number of visits, titles that appealed to your users the most.

You can also ask your users to fill out a short survey form that will give you an insight into the intentions of the user. Google’s data studio can be the best tool that will help you to analyze the numbers. Data studio will also keep you aware of the effectiveness of your SEO strategies that you have opted for. There are some more tools too that may help you understand the influence of the SEO techniques and the scope of improvement in them.

SEO is ever-evolving and it is going to drastically change in the coming years. From text-based search to voice search results, a lot has changed over the last years. SEO is a very important aspect for competing in this world of the internet.

Learning, opting, and implementing SEO techniques have always been important. There is a lot to learn from your past experience and important to remember that you don’t become an SEO expert overnight.