Gift Tips 101: 7 Best Extraordinary Presents for Her

Receiving gifts is one of the love languages that we can manifest to show our affection. It is one of the five love languages that include words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch. Although a type of love language can be more dominant than another, it could also be a mixture of these languages for us to truly show our love.

Although most of the women are appreciative and joyful, it is not a ticket for us to take their lovely personalities for granted. If you are someone who seeks help to know what are the best gifts for your lady, female friend, or even relatives, we are here to provide you its list. Dive in to discover them all:

1. Wristwatch

Most people used to misinterpret that girls always want clothes. Little do we know it is not always the case; ladies want something new. On the other side of the coin, wristwatches are being overlooked most often, as it is usually associated with men. The reason behind it is that wristwatches are versatile presents that merge fashion and usability in small, pocket-sized, accessory-like jewelry and tool. Elegant wristwatches for ladies, such as what the Watchshopping’s Rolex Lady Datejust do offer, are quite archetypal ones to consider.

2. Pajamas

That comfortable, soft, and caressing texture of pajamas is as delightful as what the teddy bears have. What is exemplary with the pajamas is that out of the blue relief that a lady could wear before she goes to sleep? Love is always comforting and healing; it aims to give a rest when you feel exhausted and to offer a friend to clasp. Pajamas are a great getup to both achieve a glamorous and soothing feeling. Perhaps no one could think of it, but it is indeed a lovely present to receive for a girl.

3. Photo Art

A recollective present that summarizes all the significant and unforgettable memories with her. Indeed, no lady would not appreciate this personalized gift. For creating this one, a woman would sincerely know that you really value the companionship and relationship you have with her. It also shows that you exert effort to craft a collage of photos from showing off your creativity and craftsmanship. No matter how you make this photo art, surely your girl would be gratified to receive this unique present.

4. Sweater

A gift is a pathway for you to also make them feel your love. The warmth it gives is its peak, a touch of care that you always want to show. Perhaps it could be like pajamas, but what makes it different is that they can be used anywhere. Since physical touch is another love language, and it is much impossible to do during this time of the pandemic, why not integrate this into the love language of gifts? Just take note of their favorite color, type of cloth, and even their desired size. If you want to make it more surprising, ask her about these without mentioning that you are supposed to give her a present.

5. Ukulele

A small guitar-like string instrument that produces a lovely sound that each girl would find adorable. Ukuleles become more popular with teens, most especially with ladies, during this quarantine because of COVID-19, as it is easy to learn and enjoyable to play with. Humming, jamming, and singing with this blissful little friend is indeed stress-relieving. What makes it special is that it is quite portable and interesting to play. It also encourages an individual to explore the world of string instruments furthermore conveniently.

6. Succulent Plants

Lots and lots of people used to grab this hobby of caring and growing plants at home. In the Philippines, they used to call the people who discovered their green thumb while being stuck at home: “plantito” according to Tatler. Succulent plants are ideal to take care of as they can survive with just a small amount of water. They are low-maintenance ornamental plants that are great to consider as a gift for your girl. For handing it off as a present to her, she will be having that something to take care of, which is now unique from pets like puppies and kittens. Although we cannot deny they are indeed adorable and lovely too!

7. Baking Tools

Girls love to treat themselves, and it does not mean they always want to grab the food from the fast-food chain. Ladies are kitchen enthusiasts who have the sweet tooth for pastries, bread, and cakes. They enjoy having quality time with themselves or even with their family on baking and cooking. Maybe it would be not always the first idea, yet baking tools are one of the best presents that they can receive. We do not know, maybe it would also be the stepping stone for them to find their passion for baking or even a start-up for a pastries business.


Giving gifts is a great idea to show your love and affection for someone you love. For ladies, it is an act that they will never forget as they are, perhaps, the most appreciative humans on the Earth. By choosing an extraordinary gift to give, you are not just making it unforgettable, but also extra special. Gifts and presents are truly remarkable things to keep, but what makes it remarkable is the love that it carries from us.

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