There’s a classic physics problem. There is a water tank. Attached to it are two pipes: A and B. Water flows in from pipe A and flows out from the other. Now if you live in a flat in Pune, pipe A is your salary and pipe B is your rent that is slowly draining the water tank, which is your bank account.

And if maintaining a healthy bank balance is a struggle, you really need to look at a PG accommodation in Pune.

Now, now, don’t roll your eyes at the mention of a PG. That’s because paying guest accommodations are no longer the traditional, basic “places to stay in’. The PG game has been seriously upped over the past few years, and now they’re lively, new-age places to live in.

One such company is Stanza Living, India’s largest managed-accommodation network. And their residences offer advantages over staying in a flat in Pune that you just cannot ignore. The first and most obvious one being…

1. Low rent

When rent is shared by many co-residents, even staying in prime locations becomes very affordable. That’s why you can get a great PG for just five to six thousand bucks.

But don’t let that low rent fool you. The rooms are vibrant and fully-furnished, the common areas are not limited to a TV and few plastic chairs put together and the life-saver is the food menu which has delicious and nutritious home-like meals. 

Now rent is not the only way a PG is more affordable. You also save more than a few bucks on… 

2. Maintenance

The rent that you pay for your room in your PG will also cover the expenses for maintenance and repair. Miscellaneous expenses like gas, wifi, electricity, the help’s salary and others will not be your headache.

But besides money, think of all the time that you’ll also save. Now you don’t have to waste hours finding a plumber to fix the clogged drain in your bathroom. Neither do you have to spend precious minutes every week doing laundry.

Basically, you can better spend your time doing the things you actually enjoy – watching your favourite series with your friends in the entertainment zone, getting cozy with a book and hot coffee in the reading corner, or venting out your frustrations on the foosball table.

But that’s not it. Another way living in a PG accommodation in Pune helps you save money is on…

3. Commute

When we said PGs can afford to be in prime locations, what we meant was that they’re almost always located close to colleges, office spaces, IT parks and other important landmarks. By choosing to stay in one of those PGs, you’ll be saving money that you’d otherwise be spending on cab, auto and metro rides.

Some accommodations are even walking distance from your college or office. You know what that means, don’t you? (Getting those extra minutes of sleep every morning).

Now having a low rent is not just about saving. It’s about over value for money. And nothing that an affordable PG can get you is as valuable as…

4. The Feeling of Belonging

Those bunch of people you share your PG or hostel with won’t just be your co-residents. They’ll feel more like family. Modern-day accommodations are built with the purpose of bringing like-minded people together.

That’s why the calendar here is filled with movie screenings, game nights, festive celebrations, community workshops and more such events where lifelong memories and friends are made.

Essentially, what we’re saying is that a PG accommodation in Pune is a much better deal than living in a flat. And if you opt for a new-age professionally managed residence like Stanza Living, it’s a no-brainer. But the low rent is not the only reason. Life here will not just suit your financial needs, it will also meet your emotional ones. It’s an experience that will always feel full. 

Unlike that water tank.