Screen recording software has become the most crowd-pleasing technical advancement and thus companies are making hay while the sun shines by throwing a new screen recorder every other day, but do all of them work equally great? This question has a straightforward answer, NO! Not every screen recorder out there would give you the best experience and hence there is nothing wrong to be picky. But there is one holy-grail product available in the market that has the highest number of positive users’ reviews and that miraculous product is the Fonepaw screen recorder. This screen recorder software is known to provide the best results in screen capturing in the form of video. From gameplay to screen flow videos, you can perform every sort of recording in the best quality.

Undoubtedly, the Fonepaw screen recorder works best with Mac and Windows and includes all the required features that will make your screen recording experience more joyful and fruitful. However, the major highlight of this product is the ease it offers, unlike other counterparts that can be quite fussy at times.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to download and use this tool at least once if you often need software that makes screen recording convenient and less time-consuming. Furthermore, we have unveiled all the necessary details and information about the Fonepaw screen recorder for Mac and Windows so that you can get a better idea about the holistic functionality of the software.

Main Features of FonePaw Screen Recorder

1. Free Trial Version

It is always pleasing to have a trial version of the product that we are trying for the first time and thus Fonepaw screen recorder offers a free version that comes up with few limited yet important features such as recording of the screen along with audio and video up to 3 minutes without any cost. Also, you get the soundcheck option with the free version. This is the best way to test the quality, usefulness, and reliability of the software without spending a penny on it. So, if you are interested in the Fonepaw screen recorder, start with a trial version.

2. Screen Recording 

Most of the screen recorders demand too much hard work to get a recording done, but with Fonepaw, it is all about ease and convenience. It makes it very smooth for you, unlike other recorders that claim to be high-tech yet end up being all complex. The screen recorder option is the main highlight of the tool and hence it pops out when you open the UI of the tool, named “Video Recorder”. Just select the right screen recording settings and you are good to go. You can record whatever you want, from making video tutorials to recording webinars, Fonepaw is best suitable for every recording need. 

You get the freedom to record the entire screen or just a particular section of the screen without compromising with the quality as you get the option to select the exact number of pixels that you want for recording. Just keep your webcam on and let it do its magic.

3. Add Annotations

Fonepaw screen recorder enables you to annotate the video while you are recording it. From texts to diagrams like circles, arrows, and more, you can add whatever it takes to make your video more appealing and viewer-friendly. With these components, you can highlight a specific part of the video. All you need is to access the “Drawing Tool” from the program’s toolbar. You can play with all the available options to find the most perfect annotation for your video.

4. Mouse Tracking

Sometimes, you need to track the hovering of your mouse to direct users in a certain way. This feature is best to make your video more comprehensive. So, with this software, you get the option to make your cursor stand out and display all the clicks and moves it makes.

5. Export Videos in Different Formats

There are multiple format options available to save your video. Just go to the “Output settings” and choose any of the available options. But it is recommended to use MP4 as it works well with all web platforms.

6. Customize Audio and Video Quality

Like format, there are multiple options for quality, too. You can pick any out of High, Medium, and Low quality and save your video the way you like it. This option is best for those who want the size of the video as per the storage space available in their devices.

There are many other features that you will discover once you download the Fonepaw screen recorder on your Windows or Mac. But now let’s talk about how you can record your screen using the Fonepaw Screen recorder.

7. In-App Preview 

Before saving your video, you get the option to preview the recording with the software itself and then save it for further use. If you are not satisfied with the preview, you can anytime do it again. This brilliant feature narrows down the scope of mistakes. 

Steps to Record your screen:

Step 1: First open the Fonepaw Screen recorder on your device.

Step 2: Select what you need from the options of Video Recorder, Audio recorder, Screen capture, and more. 

Step 3: Now, customize the settings that you want for your recording.

Step 4: Next, start recording your screen with the Fonepaw screen recorder.

Step 5: After completing the recording, you can preview it within the tool and then save it.


If you need a screen recorder software that won’t make a hole in your pocket but will give you results like a high-end recorder, you can rely upon Fonepaw Screen Recorder that is winning hearts all across the globe. You can give your screen recording a boost with Wondershare Democreator.