If you have written an essay, you are well aware of these assignments’ anxiety. Students often rely on the best essay writing service review to assist them with these projects.

Why does a student need the best essay writing services review, how can these reviews help them and why choosing the perfect company is essential? For starters, if English is not your first language, coming up with a persuasive essay is not the easiest of tasks. For the other half of students who use essay writing review, it’s more out of convenience. 

The importance of finding the best essay writing service review is partially for the credibility of sources and quality of product written. A majority of students are counting on these essays to be a substantial part of their academic grade and do not want the hassle of worrying about getting an F. 

This article will discuss the best essay writing services review available, how to find it, and some other sites that may also help you along the way. Keep reading to find out more about the best essay writing service reviews. 

What is the Best Writing Services And How to Search for It

The best college writing service reviews available for students can be found on the TopWritersReview. When navigating their pages, students can rest assured that, like their mission statement states, they are committed to uncovering facts, quality, and trustworthy information about online writing services for their customers. 

Their team members are highly educated experts with degrees and backgrounds as English majors, and all have extensive experience within the writing field. 

Writers at TopWritersReview focus on these main categories when ensuring the quality of the best essay writing services:

  1. Review of non-typical writing services- for example, business agreements, movie reviews, assignments, and presentations, to name a few 
  2. Contract terms- the quality of products, plagiarism checks, refund policy, affordable prices, and the safety of customer data
  3. Quality of writers- basic grammar, sentence structure, and English skills
  4. Test payment and pricing options of all companies reviewed 
  5. Analyze customer service, communication with writers for service questions, and other factors on the company website to assure quality 

TopWritersReview is considered the best writing service online because of its exceptional team of experts and academic writers and its dedication to providing professional reviews for its customers. They take the hassle out of deciding what best essay writer service is out to scam you or live up to the guarantees advertised on their websites. They also offer you the best essay editing service, if you wish to just have yours revamped.

3 Best Paper Writing Services Review

According to TopWritersReview, the top three best essay writing services are WritingUniverse, GrabMyEssay, and TopEssayWriting. 

These top essay writing services were reviewed based upon customer service, quality of product, affordable price/discounts offered, and essay samples selection. Members of the TopWritersReview team go through the entire process of becoming a customer of each service they review to provide a legit, first-hand experience of each of the criteria listed above. 

Not in any particular order, the three paper writing services according to TopWritersReview are as follows:


This paper writing service, according to TopWritersReview, received above nine and a half stars out of ten in all areas of service reviewed. WritingUniverse is a newer essay service and is on recommendation by several students to check for the products’ reliability. One of the best features found was its free essay sample selection without registration, allowing students to browse the 158 subjects without having to pre-pay. Another notable feature is the ability for students to see how many people have downloaded each essay before purchasing. The TopWritersReview team believes they have the best essay writers, and more affordable prices than the competition, great quality of products, fast delivery, excellent originality, and a great sample selection for any subject theme required. 


With an almost impeccable rating of nine point eight stars and above, TopWritersReview team members collectively agree that GrabMyEssay is by far one of the best essay writing services available for students. The list of services this company provides is lengthy and includes high school essays, graduate papers and dissertations, business reports, college applications, and scholarship assistance, homework and test help, the list goes on. Some of the top features include twenty-four hours, seven days a week, customer service availability, a wide array of essay samples, tracking of orders, free revisions and technical pages, and several discounts offered. Overall, essay services reviews of this best essay writing service recognize GrabMyEssay as a reliable source for all students. 


Although a little in the higher price range, this top essay writing service offers several discounts as well as free revisions, and formatting and plagiarism checking are all included in the base price. Reliable and safe, students can relax knowing that the essays they purchase are all authentically written, and any questions or assistance needed can be asked directly to the writers at any time. The six-hour delivery window for urgent orders and amazing privacy policies for all customer information is a great feature available. 

TopWritersReview team members take great pride and attention to detail in every review they provide on its website. Presenting unbiased facts is their top priority while ensuring customer safety and confidentiality is always met by each of the best essay writing services; they research. 

How Do You Find Essay Writing Service Reviews?

Searching for a paper writing service is not as easy as it may sound. As a student, you may have several obligations that take precedence over others and eat up any spare time needed to write that essay, finish a dissertation, or create a satisfactory business proposal that is completed by the deadline. 

While there are so many factors that go into ensuring a company is providing not only quality products but also just as invested in their customer’s privacy, finding the best writing service reviews is not an easy feat. 

Keeping in mind that most college students who use these services already don’t have time to spare, more than likely don’t have the luxury of visiting a list of writing services websites. It is safe also to assume meticulously going through every page available is also not an option. Listed are some alternatives any student can investigate in a short period.

These include, 

  • Reading customer reviews on the website
  • Visiting the sites of social media platforms
  • Investing in an essay writing service review service
  • Google the best essay writing service  

Reading customer reviews is a great way to gauge how customers rate an essay writing service quickly, alternatively search for the best essay writing service Reddit, Reddit has honest customer reviews. While some reviews may not be legitimate, one can decipher which come from actual customers and possibly fabricated by the company. You may also want to search ‘customer reviews’ for individual essay writing review service websites and choose those that are not from the business page but sites such as Reddit, Observer, and HuffPost, to name a few. Searching for the best paper writing service on Reddit will usually give you honest feedback from real people who have used different companies. 

Visiting the social media pages of any writing service can tell you how popular the company is amongst its clients. If the company has no social media, that could be a telltale sign that they do not have a good customer base or possibly not legit. If they have several platforms and many followers that leave comments, scrolling can be an additional way to decipher the companies’ credibility. 

Investing some time and money in a college paper writing service reviews company that does all the digging for you is an effective way to find the best paper writing services out there. This option gives you peace of mind and takes all the effort out of your hands and into that of professionals.

If you are really short on time and as a last-ditch effort, you could always Google the company’s name and see what comes up. You will likely find a list of companies that have reviewed the site already and other customer reviews. A quick scan of that information may be just the thing you need to choose the best research paper writing service for your assignment needs.

Main Criteria for the Best Paper Writing Service

With the extensive amount of top writing service companies on the market today, it is important to recognize the main criteria that set each apart before investing your money. Most students aren’t aware they should consider these criteria before entering their bank information, as what is advertised isn’t always what is received. 

These main categories include, 

  • Cost and Discounts
  • Writing Quality
  • Deadlines and Delivery Time
  • Client Services 
  • Customer Service 
  • Privacy and safety policies 

Cost is a criterion that is typically at the top of a student’s list for how they choose any service considering they are likely on a budget. Companies that provide discounts and free offers for revisions, technical pages, and plagiarism checking will be a top option for customers. Quality and selection of essay samples is the second-rated criterion when searching for the best essay writing services. Students want to ensure that they are handing in an assignment that will provide a good grade and not cause them to fail for plagiarism or poor grammar. Students are well-known for doing things at the last minute; therefore, fast delivery is a vital factor. This goes hand in hand with impeccable customer service availability; if there is an issue with meeting a deadline or other problems, students want to rest easy knowing there is readily available assistance. Last but certainly not least is a company’s privacy and safety policies. Everyone wants assurance that their personal information, as well as bank accounts, are being protected efficiently. Suppose there is no indication on the company main page signifying they are a trusted site. In that case, your best option is to dig deeper within the customer reviews to identify possible instances of scams or identity theft. 

How Much Does the Best Essay Writing Service Cost?

This answer is all dependent on the company you choose, their pricing based on services, discounts, and applicable fees for extra services. 

Using TopWritersReview of the three best essay writing services, which included GrabMyEssay, WritingUniverse, and TopEssayWriting, costs ranged from the lowest of $11.99 to $12.95 for basic one page, 14-day delivery time essay service. As more pages and delivery times increase, so does the cost. 

A great idea would be to contact the customer service department and inquire whether they provide free quotes or student discounts, and go from there. 

Communication and Client Service 

Communication is key in any aspect of education as it provides both sides with peace of mind and can be quick to diffuse any issues that can potentially become catastrophic. The essay writing service that boasts about their 24/7 customer service availability will likely be at the top of any students list, as well as reviews that indicate professional feedback, resolving issues in a timely manner, and solid refund policies. 

Quality of Writing

The basis behind selecting a great essay writing service to complete an assignment is the quality of their products. Students need to be confident that the work they hand in is legit, up to assignment standards, meets all grading rubric requirements, free of errors, and thoroughly checked for plagiarism. 

The quality of writing from any best essay writing service must reflect competency in the English language, good sentence structure, grammar proficiency, and ability to write on a plethora of subject matters. When it comes down to it, students who entrust essay service review companies also want a guarantee that the grade they receive reflects the investment they made. 

The frequently asked questions from potential and returning customers who use essay writing services are listed below. 

Can I Turn in the Article I Receive?

The article you receive is 100% turn-in ready. All services paid in full are guaranteed to fulfill all necessary grading requirements unless further communication is required or payment issues arise. If the article you receive appears to be incomplete or does not meet your standards, customer service should be contacted immediately. 

Do Essay Writing Services Plagiarize?

Typically, a legitimate essay writing service and essay writing service review company will ensure that all products are of authentic quality. Expert reviewers and writers go through each paper extensively, checking for plagiarism and correctly citing all sources and references. Upon receiving your article, if a plagiarism check is done and you find issues, contact the company’s customer service department to rectify the situation or apply for a refund. If this does happen, make sure you write a review stating your experience to help potential customers. 

Will a Native English Speaker Write My Essay?

Most essay writing service companies will state the types of writers they have available to hire. While not all are native English speakers, you may be able to opt for an English native writer for your project. If information about the writer’s language level and ability is not available, the best course of action is to contact the customer service department for further clarification. 

What if I Don’t Get a Satisfactory Paper?

Navigating the companies refund, return, and satisfaction policies before purchasing an essay can provide the best answers to this question. This criterion is one of the main focuses of an essay writing service review company, which could assist when deciding on what company to invest in. If the website is trustworthy and cares about its customers, most extend a refund and return policy; if you are unsure, always contact the customer service department to answer any questions further. Leaving a customer review is a helpful tool for other students who may be looking at the same problem.

What If the Order Isn’t Delivered on Time?

Guarantee of product delivery is a crucial factor for all students purchasing a service from an essay writing service and should be a part of their refund/return policy. If you believe that your essay was not delivered on time or if you paid extra for expedited service and did not receive it on the targeted date, customer service will need to be contacted to rectify the issue. Again, writing a customer review that details the issue and whether or not it was resolved can be a valuable resource for those who may be considering this service. 


If you are on the fence about whether or not to use an essay writing service during your academic career, the best option available is to invest in a paper writing service review company. These review service companies go above and beyond ensuring that customers receive top-quality products at the most affordable prices and that their confidentiality and safety are always a priority.

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