Were you born to be rich? A survey conducted by Yearly-Horoscope.org among 9,000 employees revealed that people born in Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Cancer are the best “listed” – with an average income of over $ 100,000 per year, in while Capricorns and Aquarius have the lowest incomes – $35,000, annually. Even if we are all unlikely to be millionaires, at least we have the jobs that give us the most satisfaction.

Here are the Best Jobs as Per Zodiac signs.


Aries are vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic and competitive. For them, the best jobs are those based on commission and bonuses, advertising and public relations. Also, because they are brave and impulsive, Aries can be very good cops or firefighters. Careers in entrepreneurship, military, politics, television, entertainment are not excluded.


Taurus love stability. They work hard, are determined, patient, honest and methodical. The ideal jobs for them should be related to flowers, food, jewelry or luxury products. Because they have a strong voice and are good at words, they can be announcers, spokespersons or receptionists. Taurus people can also work as: educator, accountant, engineer, lawyer, designer, landscaper or hobbyist.


The twins are happy if the job stimulates their intellect. They do not survive too long in the routine, instead they are fascinated by the jobs through which they can travel or through which they can expand their network of knowledge. Gemini can make a career in areas such as: scholarship, telephony, technical support, architecture, rescue operations.


Cancers have a gentle nature and are concerned with taking care of others. It is very possible for Cancers to work with children or animals. But they can cope brilliantly in executive areas because they have multi-tasking skills. It is not for nothing that the Cancer zodiac is said to be the Mother of the Zodiac (Capricorn is the Father). Cancers can make a career in: gardening, social services, child care, human resources, education, law, CEO and military.


The fearless Leo will lead any company to the heights of success. He is not afraid, he is independent, visionary and he loves jobs that give him status and power. The best jobs for Leo are: CEO, actor, tour guide, real estate agent, interior or fashion designer, sales agent or government worker.


Known for their perfectionism and highly developed sense of detail, Virgos are very good in the service industry. Virgos can be very good manicurists and can also earn tips, not just salary. Also, people born in Virgo know how to write and can be very good statisticians. Other fields in which Virgos can make a career are: translations, detectives, education, publishers.


Libras are good-looking, harmonious, graceful and charming. They can be very good ambassadors / diplomats or customer service operators. No career in the field of arts, music, dance is excluded. Libra can also work in tourism or sales.


They are passionate and like to live to the  extremes. So it will not be a surprise if you see Scorpios defusing bombs or making brain surgeries . They have a very high power of concentration and can easily detach from disturbing elements. Scorpios can be very good interrogators, who not only intimidate, but also have a very good intuition. The best jobs for them are: lawyer, detective, teacher, researcher, surgeon, physicist.


Sagittarians have a great sense of ethics, are full of energy and little philosophers. They are excellent when it comes to making decisions and they are the bosses. Spiritual beings, Sagittarius can be found in areas such as environmental protection, animal protection, counseling and even religion. Routine kills their spirit, and the best jobs for them are: trainer, editor, public relations, coach or any field related to travel.


Capricorns are ambitious and need challenges to be happy. Like mountain goats, Capricorns are very good at climbing as high as possible on dangerous slopes. Determined and insistent, Capricorns will not stop until they achieve what they have been set out for, they tend to be workaholics. The best jobs for Capricorns: manager, administrator, publisher, banker, IT.


Aquarius people are avant-garde and adventurous. They like the unconventional trades that – most likely – they invent themselves. They don’t like corporate jobs. The best jobs for them are inventors, researchers, aviators, designers, musicians, eco / bio / organic farmers.


Unlike Aries, which is the youngest zodiac sign, Pisces is the oldest. As such, Pisces tend to be “old-fashioned.” They like traditional arts (music, dance, photography). If you work in the field of beauty, they will not offer you the most modern haircut, but the one that suits you best. Many astrologers and Tarot practitioners are Pisces. The best professions for pisces are: artist, nurse, therapist, veterinarian, psychologist.