With day-by-day advancements in the digital and technological landscape, businesses and enterprises are on a hoard to grab the spotlight in the digital space. With the growth of 316 million internet users in just a year, there is currently a huge worldwide demand for developers to design and develop business applications. 

This usually brings businesses and entrepreneurs to the never-ending dilemma of – Should we rely on offshore solutions or onshore solutions? In this blog, we addressed a few of the key pointers to help you decide why favoring a local software development solution is the best bet for your business. 

Top Advantages of Preferring Local Software Development Companies

1. They Know Your Target Audience 

If you intend to develop a software-centric solution for your local community, relying on a local software development company will be your best bet. Unfortunately, off-shore developers are often unaware of the local target audience. As a result, it is almost likely to get disappointed by the end result offered by offshore developers. 

Local developers, on the other hand, are someone who is familiar with the target audience. Therefore, the software solutions offered by them are more likely to offer a user experience that is something more familiar and liked by the targeted audience. Moreover, relying on local solutions offers true collaboration to ensure that the final product is picture-perfect. Something that offshore solutions just can’t provide.   

2. Direct Contact and More Accessible Communication

The most significant advantage of picking a local software solution is the shared time zone. Any piece of software developed is not free from bugs. Sometime in the future, it is bound to fail or run into an issue. This makes it all more important to have close-knit communication between the client and the developers. 

All custom software developers offer emergency and troubleshooting services. But, are you willing to put your faith in remote services when help can be within your reach. Knowing that you can have synchronous communication with the developers and business analysts to get the desired help is a relief that can’t simply be matched by outsourcing counterparts. 

3. Reliability 

Apart from getting a high valued software solution, businesses rely heavily on intangible assets and benefits too. This is where local companies are going to excel with flying colors. Being local, the software development company follows the same rules, regulations, and standards as you. The same can’t be said about outsourcing companies.

Also, being within physical proximity makes it feasible for 1:1 communication. This makes the idea-sharing process more natural and humane. For outsourcing companies, you can compensate for the proximity difference by video conferencing, screen sharing, and remote desktop solutions. But, can the experience match what is being offered by local solutions?  

4. Boosting Local Economy 

Overseas solutions treat your business as a project. For them, your business is likely to be just like any other project that generates revenue for them. If anything extra needs to be done, you have to “ask” them to do it post-launch. Sometimes, it’s also possible that it might cost you extra bucks. 

In contrast, working with a local software development company creates a strong relationship with the developer. As they have dedicated their time and effort to help your business thrive in the local community, they are more than willing to stick around post-launch. Added benefits like timely updates, technical support, tweaks, etc., are going to come bundled with your software solution. 

5. Less Cultural or Language Barriers

Although digitalization has made interaction more accessible, it can never smudge the cultural differences around it. The language and cultural aspects of a country make it unique. It is not something that can be easily mimicked. As such, while developing a software solution for your local community, overseas development services simply can’t comprehend the cultural aspects that make the application more alive. 

Language is also an essential aspect while conveying crucial ideas. While it’s true that most of the world speaks and understands English as a second language, it’s nowhere close to a native-like experience. Imagine the dilemma when you explain a crucial function of your app to your developer, and you get a so-so response. There is no way of knowing if the idea conveyed by you is entirely grasped by the person. Such situations are close to “zero” when working with local companies.

6. Protect Intellectual Property

Irrespective of whichever solution you prefer, it legally belongs to you once your software is fully developed. That includes all the designs, outlines, blueprints, source code, etc. When working in close proximity with your local development service company, you can get assured that all your intellectual property is safeguarded under US Law. 

Suppose you chose to rely on outsourced solutions. In case of any dispute over the source code or infringement, it will be complicated as separate countries have different laws altogether. So relying on local solutions is not only the safest bet but also offers peace of mind knowing that you are never going to be stuck in such dreadful situations.  

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7. No Hidden Costs

Often, offshore developers are on the lookout for potential clients they can rip off by charging insanely high prices. The same is not the case for onshore developers. While working with local firms, there is very little chance of developers overcharging you because of the transparency required. Besides saving your money, nearshore developers offer the feasibility of an in-house development team with a high focus on effective project management.


Offshore development service providers might offer the best deal, but onshore developers would offer the best quality. Quality will be the most crucial aspect for your customers and business reputations alike in the long run. Being completely unbiased, we have written down the top 7 aspects where we believe that onshore development solutions excel from offshore counterparts. Still, confused between the two? Let us know in the comments below, and we will try our best to help you in every possible way.