Why You Need Animated Explainer Video for Your Business

In the age of advanced digital technologies, people have shorter attention spans than ever, so it’s not easy to communicate your message to them online. In fact, you have only 8 seconds to grab your website visitor’s attention and give them a compelling reason to remain on a webpage for longer. 

One of the best ways to keep visitors’ attention online is to create an animated explainer video and use it on your homepage and landing pages. It will tell an engaging story and will quickly connect with your potential customers.

So what is an explainer video? It’s a short clip that describes the purpose and products or services of a company. Animated explainer videos typically last about 60-90 seconds and explain complex concepts using interesting visuals. 

They entertain viewers and educate them at the same time, and their production is cost-effective for any business. That’s why this type of video content is becoming increasingly popular among startups. 

So why are animated explainer videos effective? Let’s find out.

They Make People Buy

Studies have shown that if you add a video about your product or service on your website, you can influence your visitors’ purchasing decisions. Animated explainer videos have a positive effect on sales because they connect with consumers on an emotional level. People who watch an animated video about a product until the end are about 65% more likely to become paying customers.

They Are More Shareable Than Text

We all like cartoons since childhood, so we are more likely to share animated content than ordinary text or infographics. You can add interesting animated explainer videos to your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. You can also add them to your YouTube channel, and they can become viral. Sharing your content on social media is a very effective way to gain new customers. 

Besides, you can shorten your explainer videos and use them in ads or include links to them in your emails. According to studies, emails with videos have a better open rate.

They Show Off Your Product’s Benefits

It’s common knowledge that consumers are persuaded to buy products when they consider not their features but their benefits, so it’s important to explain them to your prospects as clearly as possible. But, today, people don’t read much and prefer video content. Animated explainer videos allow you to emphasize the benefits of your product in less than a minute. 

They quickly identify problems and solutions and explain to consumers why they need your products and how these products can solve their problems. Animated explainer videos are especially effective for companies that sell complex, intangible products because they can immediately answer potential questions of their prospects and show how exactly products or services work. 

They Are Great for SEO

Search engine algorithms video content as well. Google prioritizes videos and as a result, web pages that include animated explainer videos will rank higher in search page results. That means you will increase your visibility and gain more exposure. Besides, internet users tend to spend more time on web pages with video content, and that’s one of the key Google’s metrics that influences a site’s ranking. Websites that use videos rank higher in Google than websites that don’t.

They Allow You to Get Creative

You can experiment with different things to make your animated explainer videos stand out. You can use innovative animation features, create funny characters, include jokes into your script, play beautiful music in the background, and more. 

Animated explainer videos combine the best features of all content worlds. They tell a captivating story using visuals, text, and sound, and appeal to several senses at once. That’s why they are very engaging and allow you to connect with your audience on an emotional level. You can use them to reach new audiences and establish strong relationships with existing customers. If you offer a complex product, explainer videos can be used as tutorials, explaining how your product works and how you can use it clearly and concisely. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective marketing tool that will allow you to attract visitors to your business website, boost your online visibility, and increase conversions, you should definitely include an animated explainer video in your marketing mix.

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