Avery 5160 Template for Google Docs: Make Your Label Attractive

It turns out that many people use Word Docs in their work. It is a good tool. It looks like Word, but it has additional advantages. For Google Docs, there are useful additions that will make working with a blank more convenient. For example, with its help, you can create and print labels in different ways. It greatly simplifies the process. The Avery 5160 label template Google Docs is a free add-on that will help create creative labels in a Google Doc.

Labels are a great way to demonstrate important information about the product, show special offers, and highlight current sales in your store. Moreover, if you paint your Avery template 5160 for Google Docs with bright colors and exciting graphics, it will look really attractive.

Why are Avery Labels Needed and Where are They Used?

There is a little theory. The label is a graphic or text information about the product. The product with stylish and harmonious Avery 5160 label template Google Docs is more likely to be bought by visitors. A unique and “speaking” label will attract the attention of potential buyers and tell them about the advantages of the goods. You can attach it to staples or stick it on your product.

That’s why it is needed:

  • It tells about the product. Thanks to it, we learn the shelf life of yogurt, the fabric the jumper is sewn from, the method of applying face cream, and much more.
  • It differentiates us from competitors. Labels help distinguish goods and quickly recognize your favorite brands.
  • It helps in a promotion. Advertising elements facilitate this, for example, calls to action or discount coupons on goods.

The design of the label is not an easy thing. You have to consider several factors to create an effective and catchy label when using the Avery 5160 template for Google Docs. First, it is the audience’s needs, market characteristics, distinguishing features of competitors, category of goods, psychological properties of different shades, and features of the company’s style.

Different graphic techniques are selected, considering the type of product to convey the necessary information to consumers as accurately as possible. They should push them to make a purchase. There is no universal solution for all categories of goods, and each label is special.

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How to Make Your Label Unique? Avery 5160 Template Looks the Best

Each detail on the label template makes sense. Elements help convey to the consumer a certain message, form a general impression, cause emotions and associations, and make them return again and again.

To attract people’s attention and stimulate them to take the goods in their hands, it is necessary to carefully consider every detail in design templates — from the placement of text and selecting fonts to a combination of shades and the selection of techniques.

If you want to get a non-standard and trend label, use the Avery 5160 template Google Docs add-on that you can download from the Foxy Labels website.

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