• James Wilson

    James Wilson

    Business and Finance Expert

    James is a certified business and finance expert with over 7years of experience. In his leisure time, he tries to influence and educate his online audience with his highly insightful blogs and articles.


    • CPA America
    • Diploma in Creative Writing from Hong Kong University.
    • Internship with Google in Digital Marketing.
    • Bachelors in Business Administration from York University


    • Banking
    • Crypto and Blockchain
    • Insurance
    • Help Guides
    • Online Banking Portals
    • Stock

    Core Competencies

    • Insurance
    • Social media ads
    • Banking
    • Stock market
    • Real - Estate
    • Technical guides
    • Troubleshooting guides


    • Worked as a writer for a Finance and Accounting magazine.
    • Experience in on-ground reporting and interviewing Finance celebrities on various events
    • He offered content for social media ad campaigns for AdSense.
    • Written articles and journals for a college project of 320 articles covering different niches.
    • Leader of the college’s creative writing group and worked on local as well as international projects.

    Words from James

    I want to make lives easier and make an impact on my readers and therefore I research well before writing about anything and everything. From your banking needs, investment knowledge, and lifestyle, to technical queries, I try to answer them all through my writings. I am always on my toes to help my readers thus I focus on writing what appeals to the masses. All my troubleshooting guides are not just mere instructions but shenanigans of my own experience, problems, and triumphs.

    I want to connect with my users through every word I write and hence all my articles are written in the simplest language so that one feels them difficult to comprehend.

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