Gaurav Rathore

Tech Writer and Gadget Enthusiast


Bachelor In Science, University of Delhi




Gaurav has been working as a professional Content Writer for the past three years. In his tenure, he has covered several blogs for several websites belonging to different industries.

He is a tech aficionado with a zest for exploration and a creative soul. Immersed in the world of gadgets, Gaurav's passion for technology shines through in his captivating articles and insightful reviews. He combines his innate curiosity with an in-depth knowledge of mobile and laptop specifications, a passion that has been nurtured since his childhood. From analyzing the latest features to dissecting the intricacies of cutting-edge technology, Gaurav's writing illuminates the ever-evolving world of gadgets.

Behind the scenes, he is an individual who defies stereotypes, breaking free from the traditional boundaries of nerdom. When he's not lost in the world of technology, you'll find Gaurav strumming his guitar, composing heartfelt melodies that stir emotions.

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