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    • Pursued Graduation in Journalism from Stanford University, California.
    • Pursued a Master's degree in Journalism from the University of California, Berkeley.
    • Pursuing Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts.


    • Having knowledge about programming languages to facilitate digital storytelling.
    • skilled in photography, video, design, and audio.
    • Expertise in understanding and making meaning of data for news, Entertainment and public domains.
    • Expert in building the brand as a journalist.
    • Develop, research, and execute a major blogging project.


    • Brayden has 3+ years of experience as a journalist.
    • He has a wonderful 5+ years as a blogger for the Get assist.
    • Manages multiple projects effectively.
    • Prioritizes and organizes tasks.
    • Great focus and attention to detail.
    • Adaptable to new responsibilities.
    • Multi-talented blogger.

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    I've been doing freelance content writing for the past 5+ years now. Technology, Gaming, Education, and Digital Marketing whatever you thought these are some of the niches I curate content for. From researched content to SEO-based write-ups to copywriting, I always stay updated with the latest market interests and come up with plagiarism-free content.

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