Are NFT Memberships Worth It? – The Revolution of NFT Memberships

| Updated on October 4, 2023

NFT membership is becoming increasingly important in the NFT space as the need for communities grows. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital assets that may be acquired, exchanged, resold, or displayed the same way any tangible item can be. 

They refer to any digital item or collectible with unique data stored on the blockchain. Because they cannot be duplicated or reproduced, each NFT is distinct from the others and can only exist once. The NFT market may appear confusing to outsiders, and the relationship between blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may seem unusual. 

However, it has gained popularity overnight. Right now, the market for NFTs is exploding. For example, in early September 2021, an online auction at Sotheby’s auction house sold a collection of Bored Ape NFTs for $24.4 million. And today, weekly records show between $10 to $20 million worth of NFT is sold on the blockchain. 

As the popularity of NFTs grows and so does NFT’s development, organizations seek methods to incorporate them into their marketing strategies. There are various methods to utilize NFTs, such as access memberships, including benefits like subscribing to exclusive brands and companies, to give customers unique advantages on new product releases.

What are NFT Memberships?

In simple terms, NFT membership refers to an NFT access pass. With membership NFTs, customers can enjoy exclusive access to physical things produced by the brand/company. For instance, utilizing NFTs as a form of digital tickets to obtain access to a restricted assortment of other items, packages, or events. Another way membership NFTs can be utilized is by utilizing a premium membership to gain gated material, such as early access to NFT drops, limited edition items, or special offers. An example of an NFT collection that already implements an access membership criterion with NFTs is the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)

Are NFT Memberships Worth It?

It is imperative to understand why simple JPEGs and other pieces of collectibles are valued in millions on the blockchain to understand the role membership NFTs play. NFTs outperform traditional financial assets in terms of returns. 

As an alternative investment, NFTs have a higher level of volatility. They do, however, outperform established traditional asset types. Apart from the amazing opportunity for artists and creators to get ownership, control, and financial satisfaction through NFTs, NFTs have technology with the potential to change the way people hold assets and generate scarcity. They cannot be replicated, unlike JPEGs and other traditional art forms. In addition, they are bought and sold using cryptocurrencies and are an exciting new way of investing. 

The token’s scarcity and appeal mostly determine the cost of an NFT. However, for an NFT or an NFT collection to make success waves, traveling far and wide and reaching its full value potential, it is often the result of a community-building effort, including utilities that the NFTs are attached to. Many NFTs are minted in isolation on the blockchain and do not generate buzz because there is a lack of community interest. However, a membership introduces a value-creating opportunity because closely following memberships are utilities. As highlighted earlier, these utilities can come in any form and are totally up to the creators to decide.

How to Get Membership NFTs

To get Membership NFTs for a favorite collection, customers may purchase them from the minted collection on the NFT marketplace. To create membership NFTs for a personal collection on a Discord channel (for instance, large NFT collections like the BAYC that grant holders access to a private community or smaller NFT collections that grant holders lifetime access to a paid community), users may follow these easy steps:

  • Mint the NFTs from an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, making sure to add descriptions.
  • Setup the Discord by adding the network used to mint and the details of the NFT for access to the channel

At the end of these two simple steps, the membership NFT community will be up. When a member of the community joins the Discord, they must register.  

To get started. Following their first setup with the bot, users will be assigned responsibilities that enable them to access the channels of their choice depending on the NFTs in their wallet.

RAM NFT Membership

Perhaps the juiciest opportunity on-demand today is the RAM NFTs. Created by the infamous RiseAngle company notable for the highly anticipated gaming metaverse, the RAM NFT membership provides users with access to highly rewarding offers. These include access to an exclusive community, unique NFT collections, and early access to partner NFT projects, among other perks. RAM NFT comes in a variety of forms. The RAM NFT-Gen 1 was introduced in 2021, and the RAM Gen 1 minting is complete. It can, however, be bought on the secondary NFT markets, and RAM Gen 2 has been announced to enter the market soon.

But to make things even more interesting and exciting, imagine what other greater benefits NFTs can bring to the gaming metaverse and other metaverses. 

This is just one of the RAM Gen 2 NFT Membership offerings. The utilities that come with the RAM Gen 2 NFTs include:

  • Many utilities in the World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse 
  • Utilities in the other games by RiseAngle and RiseAngle partner games
  • Utilities in other interoperable metaverses

Blockchain gaming is the future and owning a membership NFT with NFT utilities within the blockchain games is an exceptional opportunity. The RAM Gen 2 holders also receive great 2D and 3D artwork and digital comic books, including comic books relevant to World of Mazes NFT Games Metaverse and other works from RiseAngle or RiseAngle partners. In only one place, these benefits amount to a lot of value in the NFT industry. 

RAM Gen 2 will be ready for minting in May 2022, with 12 collections. In the NFT industry, the earliest adopters always get the biggest rewards. Investors may look into this opportunity as it is a gold mine waiting to be thrilled open.


The importance of membership is community bonding and value creation. For NFT prices to peak, value has to be perceived by neighboring investors as coming together towards a cause. This cause could be noble, like climate action, and then, sometimes, members come together to form a club based on class and status. Whatever the case, membership NFTs play a big role in granting access. 

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