When it comes to efficiency at work, you’re looking at getting the maximum return from the effort put in. Android apps can help out here, allowing you to maintain productivity on the go and keep on track with day-to-day tasks.

We’ve pulled together some of the best Android apps below to help you make the most of your workday.


This email app for android rethinks the nature of email exchanges. Blending the best features of iMessaging with traditional email, the result is a seamless collaboration with colleagues and clients. Spike also offers Groupchat – perfect for meetings – and a Priority Email Inbox, to help you stay on top of the day’s most urgent tasks. 

A key benefit of this app is its innovative To-do List feature, which allows users to set reminders, manage projects, and tackle tasks all via a single screen. Tasks can be built into your email, or messages can be ‘snoozed’ and you’ll receive a reminder to tackle them later. The To-do list means you can manage workflow by assigning objectives to your team and keep track of their progress through the real-time notifications you’ll receive as each task progresses.


This app allows for digital engagement via voice or video chat, screen sharing, and co-browsing, and is designed to optimize customer service and support, as well as promoting increased sales. Screenmeet also facilitates desktop and mobile screen sharing, cloud recording, and service cloud integration.

This app’s primary function is to improve the customer service experience; users can access remote control for an IT issue, to quickly resolve it. The core features of the remote control function include a file transfer facility, annotation, session recording, and the ability to undertake unattended support.

Screenapp streamlines the management of information, too, which makes customer service provision a smoother process for both your business and your customers.


This app is all about promoting employee engagement, recognition, and feedback. TapMyBack allows users to create customized surveys to gauge the overall mood of their employees and to discover their expectations and goals. The overarching goal of this app is to create a culture of continuous feedback at work.

The app includes the Give A Tap feature, which encourages all employees, at every level of the business, to recognize the work or achievements of their colleagues. The Tap is shared with everyone within the organization, and retaps can be given – like a virtual high five! The app’s Recognition Analytics offers managers the opportunity to see patterns of Taps, and to note the highest performing staff, as well as the achievements that are seen as most deserving of Taps. This is an opportunity to assess employees’ views on the business’ overarching culture, ethos, and perceived goals.

TapMyBack is an innovative tool to increase staff motivation levels, and to drive change, both through the Tap system and as a result of the analytics and reporting that it offers management. It helps to get all employees in your business on board and to build a unified team.


Save money and time with the BlaBlaCar app, which offers users the facility to quickly and easily get where they need to go. The app shows the bus and carpool options for your journey; simply enter your starting point and destination to generate a list of results and then choose the ride that works best for you!

Get started on the app by completing your profile – this includes adding a photo and verifying your ID –  so that your potential car-sharers can get to know a little bit about you. Once this is done and you’ve chosen your ideal travel option, BlaBlaCar allows you to book and pay online, so all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. Carpooling can help you get to the office earlier while reducing your expenditure and reliance on public transport.

You can also use the app to offer rides to fellow travelers; potential sharers can book a seat with you via the app, and BlaBlaCar will send payment directly to your account.


TickTick is a task management and to-do list app developed to help to organize every aspect of the user’s life! It offers flexible calendar views, collaborative features, and the facility to integrate across multiple platforms.

This app can be controlled via voice input, to set tasks on the go, and its dynamic inbox allows users to turn emails into tasks. Where TickTick really excels, however, is its Smart Lists and filtering features: choose to assign a priority level to tasks, add customized tags to assignments, and sort tasks in multiple configurations.

TickTick also offers Achievement Scores, which are added to when a task is completed on time, and statistical tools to analyze your efficiency and output.

Applying Efficiency

Android apps can work alongside you to help manage your tasks and boost your ability to get things done. Choose apps to optimize productivity and promote focus: the right tool can save time on the daily commute, deliver smart solutions via an email app, and provide an analytical meter to measure the achievements of your employees.  

All of the apps above have the potential to upgrade your efficiency and productivity which, in essence, is what makes for smoother sailing at work and an easier life all around.