Keeping children occupied at the moment can be challenging more so when there are no school sessions. Hence, the majority of parents reach for phones, tablets, and other electronic devices for their kids to play with when they have nothing to do. However, it can be challenging to identify and recognize the apps that are not only worth buying and downloading but also safe and good for the children. Back in school, students could rely on a cheap reliable essay writing service for their academic writing assignments. At home, they could do that too. But, they also need to learn some things on their own before schools resume. 

If you are one of the parents or students looking for distance learning apps to use during this period, look no further. This article strives to provide you with some of the best learning apps that you can buy and download for your children. Whether they are in pre-school, high school, or college, below are some fun, educational, as well as free learning apps they can use regardless of their interest. 


Grammarly is one of the best learning apps for high school students that you can buy or download for your child. Despite being a spellchecker, this app can also highlight grammatical errors and provide you with an explanation. It can provide you with alternative words and phrases that you can use in your writing to make it better. 

It is super beneficial more so when it comes to academic writing. Not only does it enable you to know the meaning of words but also identify new vocabulary to use in your other assignments thereby making them top-notch. Students can use it on their computers as well as download them on their mobile keyboards to utilize on their phones. 


Anki is one of the educational apps that you can use to learn new words and phrases and internalize grammar. It allows you to take words and sentences and reiterate them in a smart way. You can do this while concentrating on your speaking, reading, and writing. This app also allows you to add your digital flashcards with audio or upload cards that other students have made. To learn how to utilize this app, consider the following;

  • Utilize complete sentences to gain full advantage. 
  • Do not add many cards as you will reiterate them.
  • Do this on a regular basis.

Hello Talk

Hello Talk, as the name suggests, is an app that students can use to get speaking and writing practice with English speakers. With this app, you can talk in real-time with people from different parts of the world. It offers you the speaking practice that many individuals need. 

It incorporates audio and video calls, group chats, translation tools, and texting among other features that you can use to find your friends as well as make new ones. Download this app today and get more speaking and writing exercises. 


Udemy is another useful learning app that you can use to take courses for your English class. This app has a variety of good courses for English learning that you can use to enhance your writing and communication skills. When purchasing it, you should not only buy courses for English learning but also use it to learn other things in English. This app can come in handy more so in your academic writing. You will not have to depend on professional and reliable essay services such as Edu Jungles to perfect your academic writing skills. 

So, visit their platform and search for courses that relate to English learning or whatever you would like to learn. 

BBC Learning English

The BBC Learning English app is one of the learning apps that you can use for indoor activities. It provides you with English lessons on the basis of the news. If you prefer structured lessons, this is the ideal app for you. You can utilize it to learn new vocabulary and phrases, enhance your pronunciation, as well as take grammar lessons on the basis of the news. This apps keeps updating its platform. Additionally, it incorporates subtitles to its videos that can help you better understand some of the things you may not have heard. 


Epic is one of the best reading apps for children. It encompasses an e-book library that comprises more than 35000 books for children. Additionally, it incorporates a read-to-me feature that little children who are still learning to read and write can use. It is one of the best learning apps that students who love screen time can use. It is one of the ideal apps that students can use to take reading wherever they take their devices to. 

Quick Math Jr

Math is one of the most cumbersome subjects that students deal with, in their schools. The majority find it to be boring and infuriating. However, utilizing, the Quick Math Jr app can make it more interesting and motivating. It transforms numbers into creative and interactive things. It has exercises that students can use to practice with. The Quick Math Jr app is a learning tool that comprises different educational games which feature integral math skills and concepts. 

It comprises exclusive graphics and buildable features to engage the minds of children. It also has handwritten answers and some drawn on the screen that young children can use to practice their handwriting. 

Bonus App: Hemingway App

Hemingway App is another beneficial learning app that you can use to develop and nurture your academic writing skills. After writing your essays, you can pass them through this app to correct all the passive voices, long sentences, as well as eliminate the use of excessive adverbs. Furthermore, it provides you with an alternative of words and phrases that you can use to perfect your academic writing. So, if you are not content with your proofreading skills, consider using this app to make your essays better. 

In conclusion, engaging the minds of children at this crucial moment can be difficult since there are no ongoing learning sessions. Parents from different walks of life face the challenge of keeping their children occupied with their books since they have a lot of free time. But, that should not mean that they cannot find efficient techniques that their children can use to learn. There are various apps and tools that students from different parts of the world can use to learn during this moment. And lucky enough, above are some of the best learning apps that students can use for learning.